Mondoshawan - The Fifth Element

by Mag-net Jun 16, 2018
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Amazing work! This and Howl's Castle are at the top of my list to print!
That said I just got an SLA printer, any chance you could post it fully assembled for a single print?

Great piece of work - well done!
But the print time really is a Sucker
Head: 3h
One Arm 7:30h
Main Body 112h :(
Couldn´t print the Body yet at 100% because i can´t leave the printer unattended for over 4 days :(
Printing a 50% version right now, still taking 24h for it...

Thanks again.

Thanks. Glad you like.

I love this model, and I know this is already split in half, but any chance of separating it along the junction between the top armour and bottom section? That way when joined the seam is along a natural line anyway, and require way less work to fill to hide.

very nice work!
Would you ever consider making their spaceship ?

Thanks, glad you like. The ship is amazing, but it would take me far to long to do it justice.

awesome work


You are welcome!

The Fifth Element hold a special place in my heart. Thank you very much!

Comments deleted.

Just print it out and have to thank you for the awesome design!

I am curious, what modeling software do you use and about how many hours does the modeling take?

Again, thanks for sharing.

Thanks! I used Zbrush for the design. It's hard to say how many hours it took. I'd put in a couple hours a day, whenever I could find the time. More than 20 hours less then 60 and done from start to finish within a month. :)

Thanks for putting up such an effort!

Anyone have a support version of the model? Maybe optimized for a resin printer?

Great design and great movie. They seemed a little skinnier in the movie tho :)))


Nicely done!

Thanks, its no Howls moving castle but you know. Was that from a scan or from the ground up.

Everything I do is from the ground up:)

Amazing work.

Amazing work ! very detailed, love it. What paint did you use to have that glossy effect ?

I used Gilders Paste Wax Antique Gold, Black, and German Silver.

Brilliant film and an awesome piece of cad work of one of my favorite characters from it. I was wondering if it would be possible to split the main body file in half as my printer is only capable of 180mm height. I would love to print this at 100% or more as the detail is fantastic :-)

I split the body in half for you and uploaded the files. Hope this works. Good Luck!

You Sir are a LEGEND!!! Thanks heaps for taking the time to split the body. I am going to fire up both my printers right now :-) I plan on printing this out as large as possible and I am going to fit LED's where the Mondoshawans in the film were lit. I will post some pictures as soon as I am done. Thanks again and have a great day

Almost broke my finger liking and collecting this. Bad. Ass. Thank you!

You're welcome!!! :)

Awesome job from a great movie, thanks for designing this.

You're welcome!

Favourite movie of mine of all time. Am printing this bad-boy out now using Colorfabb Bronzefill. When I have finished printing and post-processing I will upload pics of the finished article! Excited!

Very cool. I look forward to seeing your print! Good luck.

Looks amazing!
How does this model scale with the ReAction figures?

That's a good question. I think he's about 1:12 scale now. If you can print at 50%, he should be 3.9" tall.

Another winner from mag-net. Your details are fantastic.

I forget if you do your own post processing as well. The finishing touches are what really set off the model.


Yep. I do all the post work also. Thanks Steve!

wow RESPECT.. your models are always so detailed and cleverly tought out! THANK YOU!

You're welcome and thanks!

Comments deleted.

Man, that is a nice model.

As always, great work!

I cannot tell you how excited I was to see this today. Thank you so much for sharing this! I saw this and thought I SHOULD BE PRINTING THIS RIGHT NOW! :)

xD Glad you like. It's the reason I share them! Enjoy!

Fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing.

You're welcome!

Outstanding! Really impressive model, i'd love to print this some day :)

looks great ,like the movie very much !!