FIFA World Cup Trophy (Solid Verison)

by 3DPrintNovesia Jun 16, 2018
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Great model... Is it possible to customize the text?

could you remove text from base and leave it blank?

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how can i scale this down to fit on my lulzbot mini? it has a 6.2 x 6 x 6 inch print area. i tried scaling everything to 80% and parts did not align

just scale it down in your slicer

when you scale both with the same factor they will align perfectly.

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the files are orientated the correct way. so the Base will be printed in the normal position.

Thanks. That's what i thought after reviewing the sliced preview upside down.
How many coats of paint did you use, and did you use any primer first?

(Just before the 9 hour mark into an approximately 11 hour print, the Bottom Part failed! ARGH!!!!! My MK3 apparently detected a collision and it layer shifted, without recovering. (It made it 180.2 mm.) I guess I should have updated the firmware... :( Oh well, the joys and defeats of making..... :) )

Some months later with MK3 and firmware 3.4 the very same at 186.0mm

Turned out that my problem was caused by the filament sensor wires snagging on the spool holder.
It happened 3 times before I realized what was going on there. Removed it and no problem afterwards.

what kind of spray paint (brand) did you used to paint it? it looks really shiny.

Hey I used this one.


Dont use a clear coat on top, I did this after I took this picture and it ruined it.

Best Regards

Vielen Dank! Ich werde es bestellen ;-)

gibts auch bei Obi etc.

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