Fisher F-Pulse / Teknetics Tek-Point Tip Protector

by Glenn37216 Jun 18, 2018
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Sounds dumb but do you notice any loss of depth with this protector? I saw some one claiming that even shrink wrap on the end would interfere, but to me, logically, all you would lose would be the thickness of the protector which is barely anything.

Thanks! My pinpointer will be here Tuesday, so printing this now to get ready!

No depth loss or interference at all with these tips. Ive tested in pla , petg and abs. However, these pinpointers are very sensitive to interference. You need to manually ground balance by touching your tip to the ground almost every time you turn them on. And also on some detectors the fisher f-pulse causes chatter. On my Equinox 600 & AT PRO I had to turn on the pinpointer while I eliminated noise reduction or chatter. Just remember to have patience while digging and you'll enjoy the fisher fpulse. Good luck and happy detecting!

Awesome man! I have a Minelab Explorer II coming in tomorrow and had read of people having issues with FBS detectors so thanks for the tips. I am fixing your model a little, there were some weird connected surface issues that I cleaned up and was going to add a little of a slant to a few edges that seem to be sticking when I remove it from the holster.

What's really awesome about the model that I thought initially might be a problem, is that it's not tapered, but the tip of the pointer is. But the print is so thin, it actually serves as a way to really press it on tight and hold it. Thanks again!

Feel free remix and post the stl . I'm really not that good designing stuff so any Improvement you can make on this file is greatly appreciated. I've been using this tip for a couple months now it's really works well in rocky park areas and also in scratchy red clay dirt. My pinpointers tip still looks like new . :p I too own a Minelab Explorer 2 metal detector.... it's it's rock solid and very dependable. I keep it as a backup detectors since I bought my Minelab Equinox series.

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