Imperial Class Star Destroyer

by MacGyver Sep 3, 2012
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This technological terror you've created is insignificant next to the power of the force!

LOL, try to print it! I've built in resistance... Your print will fail!

I haven't tried to print it but I ran it through Cloud Netfabb and it appears to have fixed the model

No star destroyer is better than this one good job

I downloaded, the model is Amazing!!!

I'm looking for a Star Destroyer in coreldraw that my students can cut out with a laser. reply to; tippy61494@comcast.net

The STL's are totally messed up, 90% of the triangles are normal inverted, the printer just goes crazy and explodes when trying to print this... T_T

That's why I put this in the description "This thing DOES NOT PRINT WELL." However it did print on my printer but was missing the engines at the back. I'm use ReplicatorG skeinforge to do the slicing. There are other better models than this on Thingiverse that may work out better for you.

Seems do able when you have two nozzles with a ABS and PLA so you can melt the PLA away afterwards

I printed the parts you're missing, MacGyver. Printer ran for an hour printing mostly supports, but embedded in the mesh were some engine bits, the bottom sensor ball, and one of the top plates.

I wish I knew how to model better or actually fix all the problems with this model.

very nice... but... not worried about lucasfilm?

Not with how poorly this model actually prints out... :-P

Nope because I didn't even know that one existed before I posted this one. It is possible that one might print out better than my version. Let me know if you print that one out.

There's a lot of non-manifold geometry in there. Especially the top/bottom stls.

It still printed but I have no idea how to fix it. I ran it through netfabb on my desktop but that doesn't seem to help.