soft Bowden Filament Guide with fitting and without Cable holder

by Janubis Jun 22, 2018
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This is not the best design.
1..... The hole for the 6mm Bowden connector is 6mm which means it's a friction fit and frequently comes out. A better idea would have been a 5mm hole and tap an M6 thread into the hole.
2..... There really isn't enough plastic around the hole for the Bowden connector, could snap if it didn't fall out (see 1).
3..... There is a mostly unnecessary overhang around where the lead screw goes which needs supports but isn't mentioned. If a chamfer was added to the underside, it would print without wasteful supports.
4... The clearance for the mounting screws isn't really large enough and they get a little stuck (additional half a millimetre would be enough).
5... If the file was changed so that the screw hole closest to the front of the printer was just a clearance hole for the head of the screw, you would only need to remove 1 screw and probably wouldn't loose the split washers that are rather hidden (between brass nut and the extruder mount)!

Thank you for this design. Works for both original spool position and desktop spool position.