Lego Duplo train specials

by advancedvb Jun 24, 2018
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Hey, I'd like to customize the tank waggon. But the two parts are not open inside as in the picture. So I'm not able to put something inside. How to accomplish this?

Well those 'inside' knobs where breaking very quickly, so I glued those green tank parts together.
So I only uploaded some closed tank wagons as stl file only.

If you like to experiment, just run& change the scad script.
You 'll find out, those bottom/top functions are still available.

So, i find how to render a tank wagon top and bottom, but that bottom is filled all the way up... As i'm totaly new to SCAD files... any hint where to look to get that empty like in your pics? My son just want's that open to fill something in...

Updated to version 03. Now hole is available again.

Thanks, that'll make a almost four year old boy very happy!

Also a passenger waggon addon would be nice. Like the tanks that can be attached.

Where to get the duplo_specials_01.scad ? It is not inside the file package, only stl files... :)

it's uploaded. actually want to add some stuff, but will do that later.
please upload a picture, when print something nice!

are there any other nice (simple) idea's to add to duplo train series?

Hi, the scad file only gives an compilation error:

ERROR: Parser error in line 368: syntax error
ERROR: Compilation failed!

Any way to fix that? :)

Idea for new stuff: Small lanterns where you can fit an 3mm or 5mm led on top, and LR44 button cell in the foot. To be placed next to the rails around the railway station vor example.

nice idea, small working lanters :)

I've no clue, this script has only 170 lines of code..

I'm using: OpenSCAD version 2018.04.06 (git 64673e1)
Maybe that will help?