Anet A8 Electronics Box (xTHOR)

by Wcnova Jun 24, 2018
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Would it be possible for you to change the mosfet mounting holes for me so its possible to use the newer ones https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07BJZRSCP/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I love this box and really want to be able to use it

The new mosfet is much longer, so it is not only to change the holes, but to change the full size of the box and the almost complete relocation of the rest of the components and the box itself.

No problem at all, thank you for making such a good upgrade anyway :)

Not a great idea. If the board lights on fire you have a very much larger amount of burnable stuff.

This looks so good. Annoyingly Slic3r doesn't like the bottom. Tries to put a roof on it :-(

I have not used slicer nape, I do not know why it comes out like this, you have the files in case you want to modify it.

Hi, I have a question, where you buy the fan? Also, with wath software i can open and modified your CAD? Thanks a lot, this is a very nice piece.


The fan is a fan of 80x80x15, you can buy it in many online stores.

Es perfecta! Justo lo que estaba buscando. Muchas gracias!

No hay de que, gracias a ti.

When will the cable chain be available?

Sorry, but for work I have limited time, have if I can take a moment to get into it

Thank you again. These are not the source files so that I'm unable to remix them in solid works? Unless I'm doing something wrong?

It is uploaded in the sketchup format. I upload it in 3ds have if they are worth

Used your your box as inspiration to design a box for my printer, got it finished printed this afternoon. I'm working on a Lack enclosure, and I wanted to move the mainboard and as much of the electronics outside of the printer enclosure as I could.

This is a great model and you should be proud of it! Is there any chance you could post the source files?

I already uploaded them

hello how did you connect the fan and the switch on the box, they are used for what
thank you

I took the power from the power supply, and the switch cuts the positive cable between both


could you add a top with no switch holes please? All my switches are already mounted underneath my enclosure. Thanks.

I already uploaded them

ok, in a few days it will be

ok, in a few days it will be

Can you make the switch cover with 4 holes instead of 2?

I already uploaded them

Nice work, downloaded, printed and will be posting make/Pics. I don't have an anet a8, but a ctc i3 clone, the box works but had to screw it about 5 mm to the left, because the x stepper motor clearance. Good thing is a wooden frame.
Had to screw the 80 mm fan on the outside, because with the mosfet i bought it doesn't fit, Not a biggie, just printed a fand grid from here and looks great, so much better than the wires hanging

Very cool all in one case. Just got but on my list of must print things.

Thank you.
I've been using it for 2 months without any problem.