Desk Fan Shroud with Venturi Effect Design

by jackle1127 Jun 26, 2018
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Thanks for the design. I was looking for something to make use of a couple of fans I just rescued from an old pc before its disposal. Does this design with its possible constraints due to off-the-shelf hardware (pc fan) and 3d-printing actually produce a higher air-flow than the fan on its own?

I'm not suggesting it doesn't. I'm just curious if this does have any noticeable advantage over just sticking the fan on a simple mount.

It redirect the air flow and concentrate it in one direction. It also pulls in air around the fan due to Venturi effect. In a way it makes the air flow stronger. What it does is just make your computer fan more efficient as a desk fan.

Alright then I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the quick reply.

You won't be disapointed

Is there a chance you'd release a step file for the main piece? I'd love to modify the frame!

Which piece will that be? Each piece is a separate stl I believe.

Desk_Fan_Shroud_v2 or Desk_Fan_Shroud if possible :)

I have never used FreeCAD before and it's giving me a lot of problems exporting STEP files. Is there any chance you can open the stl files in your software?

I wonder if u can modify your stand to something like this, which they shown at computex 2019

Fancy! Looks feasible. I'll take a stab.

awesome, looking forward to it

Check out the new files. I uploaded the new design. Printed a little rough on my .8mm nozzle but it got the job done in 8 hours :D.

Nice design, is the space between the fan and start of the air channels needed for the effect to work or something? Removing infill is a pain.

Sorry for the late response. I feel like it is needed because if you push the center down against the fan, you'll have effectively blocked 60% of the fan's flux.

Nice! I also thought about moddeling this, haha.
Did you see, Noctua just released 5V USB versions of their fans and all of them come with the tiny fan controller that was hidden inside the base of the shroud!

That's awesome to hear. I actually had to jerry-rig a 12V power plug to my fan to power it.