Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Sopwith Camel RC Plane 3D Model

by xcorwin Jun 28, 2018
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Wow! I just found this by accident (I have search planes before and never seen it) and just skimmed through your first couple pages of printing instructions and all I can say is WOW! I wish 3dlabprint would hire you to write instruction for their planes, so much thought and detail put forth in writing them! I cant wait to print this one after my Stearman is done. Awesome job!!!

Glad you like it. Let me know how it goes.

I wish I had more time to refine it a bit. I wanted to get some pilot training in order to fit it for flying, but Ive been travelling virtually non-stop for work in the last 12 months. So this has been standing very still. I may get some more time later in 2019, and then get back to it.

Have you flown it? Is there a youtube video?

I wanted to get some pilot training in order to fit it for flying, but Ive been travelling virtually non-stop for work in the last 12 months. So this has been standing very still. I may get some more time later in 2019, and then get back to it.

Hi, congrats on the project.
A few month have passed. Maiden flight?

PS: were you able to have a dihedral angle in the superior wing?

No I have had not had much time to get it ready for flying. Im trying to persuade someone with better piloting skills to fit it out for a test flight.

The bottom wing has a dihedral angle, yes, and the top is horizontal. This is per the actual original front view.


Hi, I just discovered your project, it looks amazing!
After few 3dLab planes I will most probably print your model, thanks for sharing your project, it's not really common to see this after hours of designing. My respect and admiration.

Will keep an eye on your webpage for news, improvement or video.
Thanks ;)

Has this flown yet? I like the lines. Looks nice.

I have been designing an rc plane as well (still in progress, not posted to thingiverse) though my solution to the inner ribs is to model the wings as solid parts and use the cubic infil setting with about 5% infil and 1 wall. My first attempt had limited success but if you add a wooden dowel or something else as a spar down the length of the wing it would be strong and lighter.


I played with that technique too, but it generally yields a heavier wing, and getting the two parts of the wing that are in mirror to each other to be exactly the same can get tricky. If you dont mind the extra weight (IE, you will need a stronger motor if you ever want to fly it), then a carbon or wooden rod is an option in the wing.

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Yes, it is 1/8. If you print it 80% scales it will be 1/10.
I have not yet printed a full one at 80% - will do that when im back at home from my current trip.

To print it just like the photos here at what % do i have to make it?

My pictures is from printing the attached stls at 100%


1/8 is perfect for aircombat WWI !
I've downloaded your job -thanks again- !

Hi Xcorwin
contragulation and many thanks for sharing your job.
Very nice biplane . I couldn't find the scale on your blog => 1/8 ?
I look forward to see the video of the first flight : just take care of the balancing , it's a short nose fighter.
Thanks again


Yes, the scale of the model if printed at 100% should be about 1/8.
If you print it at 80% it should be closer to 1/10, but i cant guarantee a 80% scaling will print well - I will have to try it to see.


Hi Cor,

Thanks for sharing your wonderful design. I appreciate the effort that has gone into it, and your generosity in sharing it.

But (being concerned with totally unnecessary accuracy as I am ), I need to make a couple of nitpicks:

  1. The scale of your model is actually 1/7.1, not 1/8 (8.53m span on fullsize Camel, 1.20m span on model). If someone prints your model at 80%, they'll actually be printing a 1/9 scale model, not 1/10. (I'm planning to print at 83% to get a wingspan of 1m).

  2. Have you, as is common in making flying scale models, adjusted any of the dimensions (e.g. wing section, tailplanes or elevator or rudder area, fuselage length, angles of incidence) for better flyability? The reason I ask is that I'm planning to make a non-flying static (except maybe spinning propellor and engine) model, so I'd rather have scale accuracy.

Thanks again,

Hi Frank

On the wordpress site I give a bit more detail of how i went about getting this design. As far as I can tell from the original design (and some other drawings i downloaded off public sites) the dimensions themselves are accurate. So the wing angle and size is as it was on the original in relation to the fuselage.
BUT, i changed the wing 'profile' so that the wing would have more lift. So the wing has a more modern profile (if you are looking at a cross-section of the wing, it will be a bit thicker than the original, and will have the more modern aerodynmics).

Thanks for the 1/7.1 and 1/9 clarrification! I will edit the wordpress and be more specific

Kind Regards

Hi Cor,
I'm looking at it in a bit more detail, and have printed the first couple of fuselage parts. I did try printing a fuselage nose at your scale, but it's a bit much for my printer, so I am going ahead with my 83% of your scale.

Obviously you've put a great deal of thought and effort into this design. Again, thanks for sharing. As a contribution to the community, I've put together a scale Camel propellor (not yet printed, so not uploading to TV yet). And then discovered a (hugely detailed! even models the balls in the ball bearings) Clerget 9B engine model with a very similar propellor. I'm planning on remixing that engine model into the Camel. Also, in case you're interested, I've been working on a same scale Fokker Dr.1 Triplane, still a long way away from printing (95% done, 90% to go). I'm happy to collaborate on any of this stuff if you're interested. I'll be incorporating your peg alignment technique in the Dr1.

To help figure out how it all goes together, and what parts should be printed in what colour for the plane I'm modelling, I've assembled the fuselage and upper wing meshes in CAD (https://cad.onshape.com/documents/3f38fed3aaa4533599523efe/w/d5ec5078d7f3f6d5d773f977/e/825cd51c12133c5dd708f8a6). What's the deal with Fuse-D? It's not mentioned in the instructions, but looks as if it goes between the CAB 1-3 parts and the Fuse B-C parts. But it seems way too long. ??? And the gunlatch part? I assume the Cab 1-3 parts are glued together, and then removable to give access to batteries and radio gear in the cavity below? And that the gunlatch part in some way latches this into place?

I'm also happy to flesh out your instructions for subsequent builders, if there's some way to do that.


Hi, nice Design, but where is the maidenflight video?

Hi - thanks. That is the problem with Work-in-progress. As soon as there is a maiden flight (or crash), there will be a video :)
Somewhere on the blog i mention that this will only happen when Im back from our mid-year school holidays which start tomorrow...