Nerf Automatic Pusher

by kuryaka Jun 27, 2018
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what would be some recommended print settings for the pusher gear?

What hardware do I need for the normal pusher (not minimal)

Just finished adjusting the pusher and it works great. With just a Meishel 2.0 motor it gets 12dps. I printed it in pla, and the printed worm gear actually fused to the main gear a few times till it had worn itself down enough to have minimal friction. One thing I’d recommend is widening the place where the worm gear goes cos my printed one didn’t fit without a lot of dremelling. Another thing would be making the motor fit/stay in better rather than having one tiny screw keep it in. Maybe adding some clips so we can repurpose a Hasbro rubber motor strap. Apart from these suggestions I think this fits a great role, and having used one of those fiddle yellow gearboxes, this is way easier to get working.

Will a honey badger motor from containment crew fit

Haven't tried. It should fit better than the Rapidstrike pusher as it's smaller and designed to fit the way it does in the video.
(Normally the Rapidstrike pusher is oriented with the motor ends facing the shell, which makes it way wider.)

Is this a replacement for the Rapidstrike pusher?

Unfortunately, it is not.

Is there a specific part that's broken, or the entire thing? Might be able to help with certain parts/point you in the right direction, but I won't have access to a printer for a while so I won't be able to design a drop-in replacement.

hello, I want to say thank for your time at designing this pusher system, I had a few questions however. Have this been printed and tested?

Sorry for missing this question until now!

This specific pusher system with fire control has not been tested in a full design, just printed and tested in itself. I'm still working on a full blaster that uses this pusher.

The Meaker mk15 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2957944 and ABR https://www.reddit.com/r/Nerf/comments/9kcr2e/abr_automatic_bullpup_rifle/ employ a base version of this design as the pusher. Meaker's design goes as far as to 3d-print the worm gear as well.

You might have fitment issues with the axle depending on your printer's dimensional accuracy - something like a toothpick or piece of music wire could be used instead of the axle. I used a piece of plastic-wrapped wire one time.

NERF Meaker Mk 15 "Streaker"

Will MeakerVI's worm gear fit this pusher?

It should - the MK15 pusher was based off this design.