Sonoff Basic Programming Clip

by mjf55 Jun 28, 2018
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Anyone have their's break before the first use? One gentle squeeze and it snapped. Is there a specific material its supposed to be made of? I can't see on my order what I chose. I ended up with the capacitor in the way of attaching on the top and the 120v connection in the way of letting it close so I could attach on the bottom. In the end I taped my jumper wire ends together and programmed that way. $25 wasted though.

I would try PETG as it has more flexibility than PLA.

I have printed several in PLA and have had no issue with them breaking. I just apply a little pressure to open the jaws slightly and insert from the side of the sonoff basic.

What is the pitch between the Pogo Pins. Will it work for 2.54mm?

That is what they are, 2.54 mm.

Any chance you could make a version that was one peg wider (6 pegs total), I just got some Sonoff S31 outlets and while the clip appears to be getting a good connection between the pogo pins and the connection pads(spacing appears identical), unfortunately the VCC and GND pads are pins 1 and 6, which means I can't use your 5 pin clip design to reach both at the same time.

Just made one. I'll post as a new thing Here is the link for it. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3315698

Sonoff 6 pin Programming clip.
by mjf55

Perfect, thanks! I'll print one up tomorrow :)

The pogo pins needs to be 1.5mm diameter or it could be 1.3mm?

Probably. I usually have to drill out the holes a little. Others use different methods. If too loose, a little super glue may help.

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Can you provide a source for the "barrel spring"? Ebay doesn't seem to know what this is :-)

If you have a Harbor Freight store locally, they have a 200 piece spring assortment for $4.99. In the box are eight 23/64" x 1-3/8" compression springs that are a perfect fit. Don't forget the 20% off coupon.

I got mine at ACE hardware. It was not a scientific selection process. The one I got has the following UNCOMPRESSED dimensions:
50mm long
9mm diameter at the ends
17mm diameter in the center ( this is what makes it a barrel )
1.75mm wire diameter

You should be able to fully compress it ( all rings touch ) between your thumb and fore finger.

You just want to keep some tension on the clip.

Hope this helps.

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As a followup to this, I was also able to find one at Home Depot that worked, it was in one of the drawers in the "fasteners" section (with all the nuts and bolts), the drawer said "Miscellaneous Springs" and there was one that had two small sides that flared in the middle which fit perfectly onto the pegs you designed. I suspect it's the same spring size you found at Ace.

having trouble getting the pogo pins to fit into the holes is there a trick to it?

I got them to fit after breaking 3 on the way in. Luckily I got a bag full of pogo pins so its not a big deal. But each one I got scraped a little more debris/wall until it went all the way through.

I used a torch tip cleaning tool for a cutting torch. Search on Amazon.

I have a small 1 mm drill bit and a hand drill to remove any excess plastic that clogs up the holes. You could try heating an extra pogo pin to open the holes.