Harley Davidson Eagle statue

by Smokyjoe Jun 28, 2018
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Pffffff magnifique.........je fait le miens et je post la photo merci encore pour ce model de toute beauté.........

does the bird need supports and what orientation thanks.

I printed the left and right part of the Bird and melt or glue them together.

Some support is needed.

Hi, which position did you use in the Harley_Davidson_Logo file?

Did you use support?

What speed?

Comments deleted.

I printed the Logo flat on the back. (No Support)
The speed is different for each printer.

My speed was about 60mm / s.

Great job. Was this printed in .01? And what filament did you use?

Printed in .02
I use a no name brand PLA filament. (Metallic appearing PLA/ Grey / Silver)