Geeetech A10/A30 E3D_V6 & Stock hotend mount

by madizmo Jul 1, 2018
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Which parts are needed to add a V6 clone to an A20M ? The A30-mount_E3D-V6.stl is enough ?

Where Can I find some instruction to install it? And does It work with the stock extruder?

Really nice. I printed it for my A10 with stock hotend, and put 2 blower fans. The only flaw is that, I would have added 2 more screws in the lower part of the anchor with the support. Now the nozzle is slightly "dancer". With 2 more screws under it, it would be much more stable. Thanks again

I just uploaded a version with 4 bolts, i haven't tested it yet as i have a big print going but it should do the trick.

Comments deleted.

Thank you.Tomorrow i try

ok abort lol, the bottom holes were off a bit. and i forgot and edited the version without cable support. printing a new version now and if it works ill upload it.

Looooool. i've print it this morning,but haven't mount it

ok sorry for the delay, the new one is done and working great. way more solid too ;-)

Could we have a 4bolt version for the stock plate as well? Or could i use the e3d version for the stock? Thanks

Oooook. Thank you again!

how did you wire the blower fans on the A10 ?

Are the photos with the orange fan guard from an A30? If so, where did you end up mounting the breakout board?

Anyone tested with stock hotend?
Any firmware changes???

Will this work with the stock hotend as it is kinda like an E3D?

I didn't try but I don't think it will, the collar at the top is a little different on the e3d vs the stock on

Any chance you could check and maybe adjust it to fit? I can't stand the stock cooling fan on the A10.

I added a version that should work for stock hotend now

fantastice design and thanks for sharing.just printed it all off and im a little confused how i mount it all to the z arm?do i use the origina metal casing and bolt the bits on or am i missing something?

thanks in advance

This is great! Love it. Can you post a parts list? Which fans you used. I see what looks like dual 50mm but what is the front fan size that the green guard is covering? And how many parts from the geetech carrier are being repurposed? I'm going to print this in red asap. Ordering the e3dv6 now to make this project. Any chance of an assembly video? I will post my results when finished. Thank you

The blower fans are 5015 and the fan on the front is 40mm. To use the 40mm you need to print the included 30mm-40mm adapter otherwise you can just use a 30mm fan without the adapter. It's pretty simple to put it all together and the only thing being used from stock is the main metal carrier plate.

The photos are so dark on both my laptop and cell I can't make out much other than the main fan cover, but the pieces are printing nice and extremely precise so far. Will PLA melt if used for the blower mount ?

Ya sorry the lighting in my mancave sucks lol. PLA is fine to use, I have this mount on 4 of my printers, one is in ABS and the other 3 PLA, none of them have any signs of getting hot.

Excellent. I have to divide the blower tubes into single prints because of the webbing that stretches between them Plus the right tube grew in afro right at the end, but I'm almost done making it in all red.

Oh, Sweet,... I was thinking of upgrading the whole hot-end on the A30 to a E3D V6 type,... Thank you.

I don't suppose you have the instructions for adding the E3D V6 hotend to the A30?
It's the bunch of wires that plugin to the top of the carriage,... ?

Can I ask,... If you still have the GEEETech A30, did you ever make anything for the wire, coming out of the Heatbed at the rear?
Mine keeps catching on the frame, so I'm looking for some kind of Strain Relief for the print-bed wire to the control box.

I don't suppose you have anything for the A30?

For the heatbed wire get a Retractable Badge Holder it supports the cable and allows it to move freely. Here is what I used. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01FT6XUYC/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1