Coin Operated Supermarket Cart Releaser for USA Quarter Shopping Trolley

by latigerlilly Sep 6, 2012
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I am not sure how this is suppose to work? At the Aldi here they are so quick they are loading an empty cart while you are still unloading your cart. Very few people ever exit the store with the same cart they entered it with.

Hmm.. Let see: You put your quarter in your cart to release from another cart, do your shopping, then return your cart back and get your quarter back. The quarter cant be removed right?
Using this this cart releaser: You put your releaser (attached to your key-chain) in your cart to release from another cart, do your shopping, then return your cart back and get your releaser (and your key-chain) back.
How is this theft or lazy? You do want your releaser back (and your keys), Right?

  1. have you ever gone shopping and realized you don't have any change?
  2. if you read the description. u put the unlocker in and unlock the cart. then swivel and remove your unlocker without ever having to return your cart. yes its lazy. but if you have small kids you don't want to leave alone in the car, or if its raining, or if you just don't feel like returning your cart.....

So you leave the cart just there?
And what if there is wind and the cart go and hit a car?

This is Selfish and disgusting.

This is a good idea to be able to unlock the cart without coin but i hate people who don't take 30 sec to put the cart back.
I have 3 childrens (2 newborn).
They can wait 30 sec in the car to let me put the cart back.

What is this world where everybody only think to his own person???

Yeah return your carts, not doing so is simply lazy. Followed by the fact that there is now theft involved. No one is so special that they can't be bothered to put a cart away.

please by all means describe precisely how use this would be theft in any way shape or form?

Same way putting a slug in any other vending machine is theft or knowingly using any invalid means of payment as a deposit with the intent of doing something which would otherwise forfeit the deposit. If you don't want to deal with coin deposit shopping carts, DON'T SHOP AT PLACES THAT HAVE COIN DEPOSIT SHOPPING CARTS. It's fairly simple, really.

I agree about the instructions, but just in case you did not know, if you look at a g-code file people upload it has all the instructions used to slic3d the part or object. when you slic3 something, scroll to end of g-code. there is a bit in the beginning but all slicing and settings are listed with the info. its easier to see via notepad++ or codewriter etc. Just in case you want to know for the future

Lol thankfully I've never run across some cart thing that makes you pay money. Sounds kinda silly, but good fix!

You get your quarter back when you return your card to the cart area. They are used to get people to return the carts to a cart area instead of randomly around the parking lot. I first saw them about 20 years ago but people hated them so I have not seen them in a long time.

Aldi's in Western Pennsylvania does this.

Same everywhere in Atlanta too.

I put my cart back every time so cars don't get dented but I guess such a system could reduce the amount of rogue carts. Glad its not common though

people are confused, you would get your quarter back when you return the cart. theres no stealing. and your returning the cart cause you want to keep your printed part. so relax !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In my case, this is handy because I don't aways carry change. In fact, I rarely do. I always have my keys though.

How can it be stealing if you keep it on your key ring and take it bak with you? You don't RENT the cart, so there's no theft. It's a deposit... either a quarter or my handy-dandy plastic key fob. The key fob is more valuable to me than the quarter and often times more available. I often don't have cash in my pocket or in my purse because I pay for just about everything with an ATM card... especially at a grocery store.  

P.S. A friend of mine just pointed out that I've done what Obama couldn't do: create jobs. Now, they'll have to hire a person to take the carts back since they can't rely on their customers to do it for them. Today, Thingiverse, tomorrow, I'm running for President !!!

Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of this and sticking it to the man using something we print out from our printers. I just don't want someone to get in trouble using it thinking they are in the clear.

It is a very creative design.

How is it stealing? If you don't misuse it, it is not stealing AND the employees at the supermarket will know about it because if you use it right, you have to tell them about it. I doubt any thief would tell the store that they stole something.

For example, at my local supermarket, they'll swap out grocery carts with you after you check out, so you'll be using someone else's cart to take your groceries out to your car. I am guessing that they do this to make sure that their customers don't leave anything unpaid for at the bottom of their
carts. Therefore, I TELL THE CASHIER every time, "I did not use a quarter to get this cart so please don't swap grocery carts with me because I don't want to take someone else's quarter." I say this to point out the fact that if the cashier swaps carts with me, then I will be stealing a quarter be
cause my cart doesn't have a quarter attached to the lock box like the cart that the cashier has. That way, the casher lets me take the same cart that I shopped with out to my car.

As with ANY tool of humanity, it can be used for good (protect children from being unattended while you return the ca
rt) or evil (steal a quarter). For example, a knife could be used to cut vegetables or it can be used to kill someone. A car can be used to get you around town or it can be used to run someone over. Therefore, let me put another disclaimer on this item;

I am not responsible for IDIOTS and EVIL peo
ple misusing my designs. Please use good judgement and use at your own risk. I live in a free country, the USA.
We have freedom of speech here. If you live in another country where it is illegal for you to see or print some of the stuff on Thingiverse, then please go look at another website.

Printed a few of these out and my wife tried one today. Works perfectly. Thanks