Spell Tracker for Dungeons and Dragons

by DawizNJ Jul 1, 2018
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Would it be possible to add just a blank marker token, with no numbers, if possible please? Love the idea

How many markers should I print? I see 22 markers on the pictures, but what are the numbers? Sorry, I'm new to the D&D world!

I originally created the markers with numbers in case there was a need to say "I want to cast a level 1 spell, but using a level 3 spell slot". I've been told that's silly, so the numbers aren't important.

Each spell level (1 - 9) has the appropriate number of spell slots, so you'll need a full set of markers for each spell level you need for your class. For example, level 1 spell casters need up to 4 markers because they can memorize up to 4 level 1 spells (depending on the class).

You can print all 22 markers to have one marker for every spell slot in the tracker, or you can print only the markers you need for your class - depending upon how many spells you can use/memorize for each level.

Hope that makes sense.

It does thank you so much!

Comments deleted.

Fantastic design. Gotta get this for the missus. THANK YOU.

Also, did you see the letter inlay another guy did? Just takes it up to the next level. I've asked if he could post the inlay design - hopefully he will. Just the teaser pictures at the moment.

Thanks! We love ours, we have a set for every spell caster in our group.

I did see Newfinator's design with the inlay. Ingenious. My favorite color is orange, so his print definitely got my attention.

Getting one printed for my wife for her birthday. Should be a nice surprise. Well done on the design.

Let me know if you hear from Newfinator re: the inlay. Very keen to take it to the next level, given its for a special occasion.

Thanks again for your very clever idea.

Hi, super cool design, I want to try printing it out but I have some 5x1 magnets on hand instead of 3x1. Do you have the ability to make a 5x1 magnet hole version or have an editable file to share?

Hi, Newfinator.

I included two new files with (I hope) proper sizing for the 5mm magnets. I don't have any 5mm magnets to test on hand, so please let me know if I got it right.

I'd recommend printing the lid first, and testing the fitting...since it's the smaller of the two pieces.

After printing a piece out, the holes are super close, but just a little too small. Maybe 6mm to account for offset?

6mm, you got it. Let me know if that's better. As soon as I know it's a fit, I'll add it to the available files.

Thanks for testing it for me!

Aweseome! thank you so much. Will let you know how it goes

It worked out well, made inlay for it also, posted in the "Makes Section"

This looks super cool, printing some for my casters today. Thanks for sharing this! I'm having trouble picturing how you intend the markers to be used, though. The slots are numbered, why are the markers also numbered?

It's mainly because of my OCD, and so that I know I didn't lose a marker. However, you can use a #1 marker in a #2 slot to signify that you're upgrading a level 1 spell to level 2 to gain extra effects. This requires that you know you're going to use an upgraded spell slot ahead of time, however.

For example (taken from a D&D 5e forum post):

When you cast a spell using a slot of a higher level than the spell — for example, casting shatter (a second-level spell) using a fifth-level slot — the spell may have increased effects. Shatter does extra damage when cast using a slot higher than second level. Other spells, such as comprehend languages have the same effects regardless of the spell slot used to cast them

Makes sense, thanks for the fast reply!

The markers are a loose fit in the slots so they have more room to lean. Resize the markers to 105% if you would like a tighter fit. I prefer the 105%, but a friend likes the 100% for more wiggle room.

This is great I will print one out for my parties wizard. I will try and post a photo when I do.