Universal Greeblie

by Thullen Jul 2, 2018
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Scaling this model up and printing it works for FDM, if you want a table ornament/mat or a big part for a kit.

how did i know someone was gunna have made this as soon as i finished watching the tested video haha

Can I suggest that you make a version with the greeblie offset 45 degress from the sprew? I love that you created the spew version, but it would be impossible to print on an FDM printer.

angled version added :)

Not impossible - just not as detailed. I printed it with a .4 nozzle but will try again with a .25 and see if that gives me more details. :)

Sure, I’ll fix that :)

Awwww... you beat me too it. For those not on Tested or following its youTube channel, this link will clue you in:


Why not just make it flat on the bottom so you dont need supports and its easier to attach to objects.

flat bottomed version added.

The reason for that is that that’s how the original piece looks like. I’ll add a version without it :)

Right - no doubt this is an exact replica of the original part so that wasn't a consideration. It's easy enough to push through the Z plane - or like I did here, chop it off. :) Maybe that nubbin of plastic helps to lift the item off the surface and give more shadowing detail? I used the Prusa i3 set to .1mm layer height.

Prints in NO time :) Now to find some CA glue and the cat...

Did you just watch Adam on tested too?

I might have yes ;)

LOL thought the same. i was just about firing up F360. again too slow...