ENDER 3 FACTORY SCREWS display rear cover

by MakeChetti Jul 2, 2018
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You need screws LONGER than 5mm - other way they're too short!. Check your screwes before print or just buy longer ones. I have original 3x5 and they wont work with this print! Getting longer screwes that kind is paint in the a** where i am so be aware!

Should i print this with a .4mm nozzle or a .2mm nozzle

Print, fit, and worked perfectly. No problems with screws reaching on my newly purchased Ender 3. Thanks for the great remix.

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Made this last night for my Ender 3 Pro. Went well. Would print this again if I had to. When doing assembly, make life easy on yourself and put the screws in the holes as far down as they'll go first. Then look at the back of the plate and be sure they're protruding far enough past the plastic for the teeth to bite into the screw holes. My first attempt to put them in was to line up the cover with the holes over the board and try to screw them in from there. That won't work. Trust me when i say put the screws in the plastic housing 1st away from the board. Check them to be sure they're well past the plastic housing and when you feel it's good, then place over the board and screw them on. Don't over tighten. Don't want to risk cracking the board. Just enough to hold it nice & snug.

For some reason on one of my holes the existing screw barely stood past the plastic housing. The hole looked clean but there must have been something there. Or maybe there wasn't. I'm not sure. I could tell that wouldn't screw into the board. Simply not enough length. I replaced that screw with an extra I had from the 3d printer assembly and that worked.

I just made a silencer "hat" for this cover, to put on the speaker. Takes away the strong sound and keeps the use of hearing when you do something. Nice litte cute "beep" is what you get with this on.
Find it here for a small easy print: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3354296

Silencer for Creality Ender 3 speaker

factory screws did not work for me... the screw heads barely wedge in the holes which might be why it won't allow me to screw it in... the screw won't even pass the board. I was hopeful but just doesn't work for me.
ender 3 pro for reference...

Same here. Ender 3 Pro aswell. Luckily, I had som M3 that were perfect - in black too :)

If you include the hole for the other two pin headers it becomes a bit more universal. In my case I installed a Duet board and I need exp1 and exp2. The Duet includes support for this display on board.

Can someone tell me the height dimensions? I want to print 2 tone and want to cut the shallower dimension (towards the knob) in half for a filament change in the slicer. Would you not lay this flat on it's back, thus not needing supports? Thanks!

Personalized and printing now. Fingers crossed. first 20 minutes of print looking good. Thanks

I´m completely new at 3D-Printing and i don´t know where to make supports.

Could you please post a screenshot with the supports.

Hi, like i mentiones in the instructions, supports touching the build plate only, you could probably get away without supports if you print slow....

FYI: I got a new Ender-3 this week direct from Creality and my stock screw heads were MUCH larger than the holes for this cover.

I got my Pro in December and the screws fit, only too short.

Thanks for this design. I'm having issues where it prints with lines diagonally as it moves to each hole on each layer. I did an extrusion calibration test and increase mm and speed just in case. But I don't think it's stringing from over extrusion. I'm using Cura for slicing but I can't see anything in settings or in layer view that would indicate something wrong. Any ideas?

Could you post a picture? Could be your settings, try with combing = no skin and let me know.

Thanks. I’m a noob as you can tell. There is nothing wrong with the model. My was my settings. I asked the question in the wrong place but I appreciate your reply and suggestion.

Nice, but please make room for a beeper silencer also. This is an excellent fit:

Ender-3 / beeper silencer

Desolder that thing or simply use a blade to cut open its top and remove smal metal disc in there, its silent but if anything is connected in series with it it will still works.

Made a remix for this to allow the beeper cover.

ENDER 3 FACTORY SCREWS display rear cover extended beeper cover hole
by TalZiv

Hi @MakeChetti !
Really appreciate if you can post the same but with covering the hole. I have unsolder my bell


will do my best to remix that soon!

Someone, pleeease give this man a cookie. I wish you realeased this a little bit sooner, I would not need to reprint. But I like this better, so ofc I will print this new one

thank you, I personally put this print off because of the screws until i finally decided to remix it!

Thanks for making the box I didn't have to go and find screws for it fix really well.

Thanks Bob

you are welcome! glad i could help.