Filament Spool Holder

by 3DStartups Jul 2, 2018
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Hi yes water please get in my filament

Thank you - I really like the simplicity of the design. I have two dry boxes w/ 6 spools each with tubing but wanted something more accessible for quick changes. I am printing now but have had the print fail twice on the arms. I've resorted to using a wider brim, lowered my live z and upped my bed temp - I'm about half way through now.

I primarily use AmazonBasics and Prusament so will report back on the fit but will likely just scale on the z axis if necessary.

So it printed successfully, although one of the ends did break in assembly and it turns out that the arms are too short. I am printing the 105mm remix now which should work. Thanks again for the design.


Any chance for the design file? id like to remix to made it hold a wider spool please, Thanks

Would you post a version that has 1-2cm more space for a wider spool? That would be awesome :-)

I just adjusted it to 105% on the "wide" side to make it longer to fit the Inland PLA spool.

This looks like a great idea! You have room on that wooden rack for another row of filament. I had an idea. You could make each holder out of the same filament that it's holding to color code them. The two holes on the cross bar to prevent the filament from unraveling is a nice feature.

Why do you say this is for specifically esun? Do you mean you made it for esun but it works for anything or is there some reason this is not likely to work for all sorts of spools?

Yes I made them by measuring the esun spools, but when I tried the Hatch-box filament the spool was too wide. So if it works, great! But if not, that's why.

Looks cool, but this kinda holder only makes sense if you don't give a f*** about your filament absorbing moisture (except when you have a drier at home and do not care about your wasted time/minimal moisture in the air indoor).

"Printed as 3 pieces the two arms will snap together with the two crossmember arm bars" It looks to be 4 pieces, 2 side pieces and 2 cross members, am I not seeing something correctly? I can see the top cross member, and I was 'assuming; that there is another thru the spool hub, or is something else used for the axle?

Sorry! Yes you are correct. That was just a miss type on my end. There should be 4 pieces total. 2 arms and 2 hooks.

This is great, but what about protecting them from moisture?

Keep your hose away from them, and you SHOULD be okay.