KOSSEL 2020 motor frame

by mming1106 Apr 14, 2014
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Nice bottom frame, thanks!
Please, can you make a version for "M4 T-Nuts"?


I wasted a good 10in^3 of support and model material printing three of these. and 24 hours.. Said they were designed for a 20mm x 20mm aluminum extrusion...

The designer apparently doesn't understand geometric dimensioning and tolerancing. Not to be mean but I'm definitely perturbed.

The round disks are also pretty silly to me they don't allow a 2020 extrusion to seat symmetrically amongst the extruded slides the 2020 aluminum extrusion is supposed to slide onto.

Even if the extrusion could seat symmetrically apart from the round disk. The male extruded slots intended for the aluminum extrusion to slide/fasten onto are also too big for the aluminum extrusion opening. You would realize this after you break the disk/tabs off.

I mean it's a great design, just not functional

don't waste machine time, material or your time printing these

The round discs are for better platform adhesion on the edges. Even the creator of the original Kossel has put these "silly" discs on his 3d models. Simply cut and sand them off.
By too small tolerances after printing, try to lower your material flow settings.

Is made for misumi or bosch extrusion?

Can you make this to fit a 2040 please ;-) It would be greatly appreciated by MANY including me!

I see a logo, and allen wrench grooves, you should put a slot between cross-braces for allen wrench to access motor.

whats diff about this one?