Wasp Trap (12 oz - 2 Liter Soda Bottle)

by mistertech Jul 4, 2018
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Thank you, this is great. I had to scale it up by 2-8% to get it to fit though (printed in PLA at 200C with a 70C glass bed on an Ender 3).

Prints awesome with Slic3r and 0.15mm layers. (0.4mm nozzle, PLA)

Snot trap wasps dude.
It does no good, only harm.

Just printed one and it works great. Can I ask where to find the screw thread details for that type of bottle? I'm trying to design a water feeder using the same type of bottles.

Hi. I'm glad you like it. The referenced bottle cap is listed as a remix. It's on the left hand side of the page.

I noticed that the funnel is only printing at one layer thickness, which makes it very fragile. Care to share the design files?

I just uploaded a model with a thicker cone. Should work better for you.

Thanks man! Worked well with UpStudio as well now.

I think it is the printing settings that you are using. The funnel is very strong in the models that I have printed. I cannot crush it with my hands. What settings are you using? I printed it with 0.2mm layer height, 0.4mm nozzle, 4 perimeters, 33% infill. Also, make sure that you are not under-extruding. You can see from my pictures that the funnel is not only a single layer thick. I used Simplify3D to slice it. Perhaps it's slicing incorrectly for you?

Looks like Tiertime UpStudio fails to slice the funnel as well. 0.2mm layer, 0.4mm nozzle; no options for perimeters or otherwise sadly. If you could add a step file I'd be happy to tweak the funnel myself.

You can also see from my pictures that the wall is thicker than a single layer. Please post your slicer settings and we'll get it figured out.

Both Slic3r Prusa and Cura slices this the funnel as single walled.

But that said, I feel that its strong enough. If your having issues you may have under extrution issues..

I just uploaded a model with a thicker cone. It should slice better for you.

It's 2 layers wide on my Simplify3D. What settings are you using?

Nice design, works fine