Fabric of Thyme 2.0 chainmail

by Trombo Jul 5, 2018
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Came out great! tolerances were perfect! cant stop playing with it!

Hi. I have some issues to print the fabric. It's probably due to my Simplify3D settings. Do you have any Simplify3D profile (FFF file) to share to let me catch some ideas about speeds and temp you have used? By the way, I'm using a Geeetech A10. Thanks!

Hi, I'm assuming the Geeetech is similar to my Ender 3, so i'll add that profile, maybe it's helpful. I recently printed the small patch in the picture with it.

Hi, after several tests, I was able to print the 10x10.
I share a picture and the profile I used.
Thanks @trombo for your tips and this model!

I will try it and keep you in touch.

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Really great!
I saw the write up in Hackspace mag #10 ...
My daughter and granddaughter are into CosPlay so I may have a go at making parts for them. The 4x4 printed fine on my old Deltaprintr at .1mm layers. It is so tactile and fun to play with :)

Thanks for checking it out!
I know my answer comes very (very!) late, but nonetheless I wanted to let you know that I was very happy to get your message, and also that it was your very message that actually made me aware of even being mentioned in HackSpaceMag, which was weird, but whatever...
Anyway, I'm revisiting this design and wanted to ask you if you have any specific improvement suggestions for me, since I'd like to further refine this model.
Also I wanted to show you this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZLrurXtYX4
Also also I would love to see what you/ your children have come up with cosplay-wise, with and without this design!
Thank you so much!

Could you upload a square that is around 200 x 200mm at 100%?

Sure thing.
Just added "Fabric of Thyme 2.0 16x16.stl"
Hope you like it!

Would it be possible to connect these into a square "box"? I've got three patches connected in an L shape, but when I go to "fold" it, the links are perpendicular to each other. Can you link them if they're not parallel?

Next obvious step is to be able to model pieces of different shapes, like triangle, etc.

good_idea there ;)
I just added a triangle file, and after a little bit of testing more will follow.
Hope you like it!

I had tried taking the single piece to make a triangle facing the other direction, but my software keeps mangling the shape. Would you be able to make the same triangle going the other direction? As it stands, the current one has links turned on their side when flipped.

I copied, flipped and rotated the file in my slicer, and added a pic here.
What other direction do you mean?

I did the thing I should have done already and reinstalled my slicer and it's fine now. When I was doing it, no matter what, but only on this model, it was spewing gaps in every face of every link. Sorry for making you waste time.

No problem at all!
Have fun!

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Gotta admit, this is pretty damn cool. Have you made anything substantial in size with this stuff? Pics would be sweet.

hey boiler02!
Still interested in this?
Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZLrurXtYX4
(though I'm not sure wether he used FoT1.0 or 2.0...)

Update: Alas, I still didn't find the time to make something bigger out of this, BUT this awesome Aussie-Youtuber Jazza is currently in the process of doing just that. It still is gonna take some time, and I'm not entirely sure if he is working with version 1.0 or 2.0 (or if it's a different thing alltogether). Here is his current little update-video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrp9xnuBqRM&t

Alas I broke my printer while printing out many patches, and now I can't print the links :(
I was planning on making a colorful sleeve, but now it has to wait a little...

Huh... Guess your printer couldn't handle so much awesome at one time. Shame. I could see the possibilities of this for cosplay, among other things, and I look forward to trying it.

I am also struggling with the links. I broke 10/10 that I tried. Maybe the opening isn't quite big enough? I felt like it was really tight.

At 100% scale the gap is .5mm, which worked for me, but was a bit of a struggle sometimes ...
Here's what I'll do: I'm gonna upload an edited version of the link tonight with a wider gap.
Thinking about it now, there's really no reason why it wouldn't work better with 1 or even 1.5mm gaps.

I downloaded the "perfect gap" file today for the links and it went way better this time! I broke about 1/10, which is to be expected for this fiddly of a piece. I've hooked 3 fabric segments together so far and have more to go. Thanks for the extra work on this!

I think you forgot to upload the banana.stl ... I was also hoping to print it at 115% because I'm really hungry. Can you hurry?

Thanks for the great design. Is there a guide on how to connect two pieces together?

I'm probably making a youtube-vid that shows the process, but it gonna take a while.
It basicly comes down to putting a little force on the link to open the gap, and then shoving it through the pieces you want to connect.
Hope that helps a little, I'll let you know when the video is ready.

What material you used for the links? mine seem too solid, they break before opening enough to conect patches. i used PLA, 100% infill, 100% scale.

I also used PLA (from multiple manufacturers) with 100% infill. The links were bendy enough to connect the patches.
I'm not sure what causes the issue, maybe change the extrusion multiplier? Or you could scale it slightly up (like 105%).
Maybe that helps.

Thanks for the swift reply! I will be printing some this week and will come back here to say if that worked, or if i found another possible fix for my case. I will be printing some big segments to improve my LARP costume, so in some days i will also be able report on their possible survival against LARP weapons hahaha! ( Trowing in the wall, and dropping in the floor have shown 0% damage so far, really amazing model!! Thanks man!)

Thanks for checking it out!
I'd love to see that costume when it's done (or in progress). I'm currently working on some kind of colorful sleeve to further test out the design.
Regarding the issues with the links, I'll probably upload a new link-file later today with a wider gap. Hopefully that'll work a little better.
Let me know how it's going along the way :)