Ferrari SF71H F1 1-20 V5

by UnsungHero Jul 6, 2018
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So after close to 400 hours of printing, sending, painting and vinyl logos, this is what it looks like (photo in my backyard) @ 350%(more than 3 feets long!) it last about 10 minutes that way. Then, when I took it to move it on an other angle, to take another picture, it drop on the floor and brooke in more than 10 pieces....

Finally after more than 10 hours of heat gun and glue I save it on time to bring it to the 2019 Montreal Grand Prix and take some photos with it in the pits and on the track :) Not as perfect as it was at first but....

Thanks UnsungHero for thoses files :)

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It looked great while it lasted R.I.P

finally it's still alive like I said in the other comment :)

Amazing work, the paint job looks fenomenal and the superficie super smooth
To see it on a Grand Prix just made me so proud :)
Keep up the good work

Thanks a lot for the new version! Will definitely try it!

Here is a small video explaning the new aero specs for 2019. Do you think you can make the car ready by February 15th, for the SF72H unveilling? https://twitter.com/F1/status/1078245359422300161

Great work, thank you

Glad you liked it

I've alred seen the new aero specs, some changes i liked and others i don't.
Right now im very busy with some othes projects, and after that i'm planning to do the Red Bull Rb14.
If i manage to finish the Rb 14 until the begining of February, i might be able to do the SF72H just in time

Thank you! Appreciate your work, keep it up.

While waiting for the SF72H, i will surely try the RB14.

Best of luck for all your projects.

New Version with more details and reworked fitting is up

Can you do a version of Ferrari_SF71H_Part2_V5.stl without the mirrors for the use of halo with mirrors?

thanks and happy new year of F1 :)

Sure, i will upload it very soon

Happy new year my friend


Great work! I've done CFD simulations with it, and it's very well modeled.

Thanks a lot for sharing.

With Regards,

what software have you used?

UFOCFD for the solver and paraview for post-processing. Both freeware!

I've made an other step after 2 months, since I did not have time before to work on this project. Most of the big parts a joinned together and most of the paint is done... Next step paint touch ups and suspension assembly... Hope to finish before christmas

Nice job robojeep :)

Its looking great
keep up the good work

It looks good, did you also modded the chassis?

All i have done ti my chassis is cut and fill and sand down where the mirrors use to be

I have just modded the halo and added the wing mirrors to it so its the updated version. If you want i can send the stl file over.

Nice, feel free to send it to me

Hello, there is not booth right side wheel suspensions. Is it possible to add them? Thank you very much.

You could just mirror the left side if you are in a hurry.

Hi, and how can I do it? I use Fusion360 and PrusaControl.

just give me some time

great job!!!! can you update file with the right side wheel suspensions? thank you!!!! ;-)

hola, falta la suspension trasera derecha y la suspension delantera izquierda. podria subir los archivos? gracias

New Version with some corrections and changes is up

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I'm working on a 350% print of your car for my home cinema... yes 1 metre long :) untill now 4 kg of PLA+, 5-6kg at the end I suppose and more than 300 hours of printing :) I'll post the result if I can complete :) Place a photo of the wheel in my hand just to have a reference in size :)

That's one of the biggest models i have ever seen
It's looking very nice

can I asked you a question? since I printed almost all parts and I try to see if they fit well, the rear suspention did not fit the holes of the body as well as they did in the front, is this happened to you?

anche io ho lo stesso problema....come mai?

I've never seen this happening to any one
I going to check the model and the files

I have that issue too. They are miles out.

did you redo the suspentions arms? or the body?

The rear suspension arm

Thank you. Will post pics when finished

Do not worry :) it was just to know if I done something wrong :) both pieces are straits and identicals (beside mirrorring of course). May be because I built it very strong (infill and 2 wall count +1.6mm wall) they just can't bend to enter in the hole... really nice pieces by the way! :)

once sanded and painted, with stickers on, it it will be very nice :) thanks for the model! great job!

One Step further, first coat of paint before assembly is done :)

its looking so nice, keep up the good work

How much support is needed to print this, and what settings are optimal? (For Cura)

Can't wait to print this, looks superb!

Another very very realistic F1 design.
Have a good look at that complicated frontspoiler.
Even the wheels have the Pirelli Pzero inscriptions.
This must have been a whole lot of work.
You are a genius.