Sonic Screwdriver 13th Doctor

by OdomLinx Jul 6, 2018
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great model, I've downloaded it and plan to print it as a gift but i cannott open or print the step file. could you tell me how or post an stl of all the seperate pieces or the clear piece seperate? thanks.

Really great model. Can you post a step file for this instead of stl? I want to split it up so that the clear parts are printed with a different material on a dual color printer. What cad software did you use - will it "save as" step file format?

I create the model with Fusion 360 and export it to STEP file format . The model is already split into 10 parts

Great but could you please upload the F360 or the step files to this thingiverse page?

The step file is already uploaded

Oops. I see it now. Thanks!

This is marvellous. I was thinking that this was crying out to be 3D printed and you have saved me the design task! Thank you!

Hello! it's perfect, and I want to use it for my cosplay.
I want to insert the LED and a speaker inside. Can you please load the file, divided into 2 half, and empty inside? I'm waiting for the disassembled model. Thank you so much for this work.:)


I quickly split it into two parts once, I hope it's so ok.

Great! Thank you very much! :D

looks better than the toys

Recently the sonic had a official unveil and the prop version has been shown on the rubbertoe replicas instagram so do you think you'll be making a more accurate model? If so when?

Sorry for my late answer. I think I'll make a new version sometime. which looks more like the original, but currently I don't have time for it.

I just your model it's amazing can't wait to print it since my friend just got a new 3d printer. But I have a few question. 1 We're all looking forward to the multi-parts model, so when do you think it'll be finished. 2 Since it's our first time, we want to use a kind of rather cheap but still good material for this sonic, so what material do you think is the best for this?
Thanks for taking time to read this. Keep up the good work. :)

I can't tell when the multipart version is ready, currently I don't have the time. Good but inexpensive material is actually PLA.

I tried slicing it in simply3d and the auto supports go crazy and protrude straight thru the model. I sliced it in cura, with a 20% infill, but the model came out hollow.

Also, 2 of the segments don't seem to fully meet up where the handle meets the v-shape of the main screwdriver body.

Hi, i add a new version, it is now solid, not hollow

I designed it to be hollow. To install LEDs and battery later.

Currently I am working on the model that it is disassembled. So it's easier to print and you can print some parts transparently.
I made some changes in V3, so it should be sliced better.

Awesome model. Looks great.