Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Multi-Material Filament Loader

by jckray Jul 6, 2018
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Has anyone built this? I am having trouble seeing how it works and how all of the parts fit together.

If im using prusa MMU2 just the mechanical parts, and playing the electronics and software on yours?? is it gonna work?

It very well could, but it would require the Duet expansion board in order to have enough motor inputs. I have not tried this or looked into it much, so I really cannot comment.

The update states that there are 2large amounts of waste". What exactly is causing the waste here? compared to a y splitter setup there should be less waste since no ramming should be required and the rest should be small enough to be purged into infill. Or are there other factors that im not considering here?

Looks like a great idea especially because the alternatives to buy are so expensive. Is it working well at the moment? Can you maybe post a video of how it works?

This looks like a good idea! Although, I'm not sure if this is a coincidence but Prusa released something super similar to this already. Most of the concepts have the same functions. I gotta say, I have the Prusa version of this (i3 mk3 mmu2) but it definitely isn't perfect and needs a bit more development (especially with each filament paths and lining stuff up perfectly is a pain). Overall very successful, so I hope it is the same for you! Good luck with this design!

Yes, this is very similar to Prusa' MMU 2, I took inspiration from that. My implementation is specifically designed to work with the Duer WiFi or Ethernet and does not require an additional control board like MMU 2. The hardware I have designed is working pretty well, but we are waiting for a couple firmware additions from Duet to help make this a really reliable experience.

This design looks very nice. There is one thing I don't understand. How do you prevent feeding of the both filaments, which are not in use?

Thanks! Each filament bay has an idler that engages the filament with the drive gear. That idler engages only when the filament selector is in front of the said bay.

he man, can you post one object again,because i can't open that file type?

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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I really love the simplicity and modularity of your design although the hobbed shaft is timed with the extruder right? Has there been any downside to having 2 extruders pushing and pulling the same bit of filament. It seems the prusa version moves the idler out of the way during normal printing

Would it be possible to run this just as a bowden setup? Or do you need an extruder motor on the hotend? I'd like to use this with my Ramps 1.4 setup.

In theory, yes this should work for bowden printers as well. However, this has not been tested yet. Additionally, the motor with the lead screw that controls the filament selector relies on sensorless homing. Depending on what drivers your board has, you may have to modify it to use a limit switch for homing this motor.

How does the sensorless homing work in the filament selector? Does the board detect resistance on the selector motor (via tmc 2130) once the selector has moved to a different filament position? Or is there a set number of steps programmed into the firmware for moves between each filament "bay"?

I am using a Duet WiFi which has tmc 2660 drivers, which can detect motor load. You have to determine at what load the motor begins to skip steps and then set that value in your firmware. It is probably easiest to just tack on a limit switch for the filament selector axis.

Yes, you are right. We have seen no issue having two motors engaging filament. I will say that both motors are the same spec from the same manufacturer and are wired in parallel to one driver on the control board. The motors must be wired in parallel as the torque drop off for wiring in series is too great. This means it is absolutely necessary to have drivers capable of at least 2.4 amps (which the Duet board do have).

So to get this to work, a bowden setup is required? also very interested in this for use with my Duet powered Cartesian, since this would enable me to use soluble supports.

I would be willing to test it out as well once you get firmware/slicer support working.

Nice, looks like the new MMU2.0 of Prusa.

Yes, that is where my inspiration came from. Mine works a little differently. It's a bit simpler, cheaper, and specifically designed to work on Duet electronics.

I can’t wait, i am very curious!!

Hello, do you have a first BOM ?
And how can i open the fusion360 file? I can´t open it in f360

I very busy right now, but I hope to have more information for this project soon, including BOM info.

To open the files in Fusion
-Create a new project in Fusion
-In the project sidebar at the top, there is an upload button
-Use the upload button and select the .f3z file that you downloaded from this page

Thank you :)
now it works in F360

Any progress? This is something I plan to build...

Yes, I have a prototype I’m working on right now and mechanically I’m pretty happy with it. I will be working on the firmware very soon. Can’t say for sure as I am very busy, but I hope to update this page in the next few weeks.

Great News! I look forward to the development of this. I'd really like to use it on my i3 clone.

Cool! Thanks.