Realistic Hypnotoad

by JRSly Jul 8, 2018
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Awesome work. Seriously, wow!
The paint job is also crazy good.


Amazing sculpt and paint job!

Thanks! It was fun seeing it come together.

dude. bitchin' ill have to make this.

Awesome model, just have a few finishing touches left on mine & he'll be all done!

Great Work! What layer height do you recommend?

I may have to revise that previous comment a bit! I printed another copy yesterday at 0.1375 and it came out much better than my first try. My first attempt, I'd get some bumps and lines on the toughest angles, but the 0.1375 copy maintained basically all of the details in those spots wonderfully. Maybe some other factors...print speed, the Select Mini, bed levelness...but it seems like 0.0875 might've just been too hard to be consistent with in regards to all of the little small texture details.

Thanks very much. Honestly, I'd have to just say "as small as you can stomach". :) The skin texture and the occasional extreme overhangs will only turn out better the smaller and slower you go. But it can make for a time consuming print. My painted one here was printed at 0.0875 on the MP Select Mini and took about 13-14 hours. Maybe I went overboard, I haven't printed dozens of them to compare different settings yet, but I wanted to see how the most optimal, time-sucking settings would work and give it the best chance for success.

But if you were planning on finishing it with the same process I described on the item page, you could probably get away with going a bit higher. At 100% scale, I personally probably won't try to print at resolution higher than 0.175, I think at that point I'd start to lose the details.