Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Minion_Otto+ with arms

by CoolTrish Jul 7, 2018
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Hello, is there a list of materials to put together? I mean the electronics and others. Thank you!

I'm doing something wrong. Can anybody help me please ? I'm using all the codes I can. I'm changing pins as per code requests and feeding my Arduino nano with micro USB to laptop an a 9v battery to the Arduino nano shield and my Otto is moving 1 step every 6 seconds.
Thanks in advance for any cooperation.!

First use one power source USB cable or 9 volts, not both. Maybe video your Otto and post on Otto builders on Facebook. There are many Otto makers who may help there.

another great remix!
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Hi Trish I am starting to print the parts and I noticed that the hands are grouped together. I want to print the hands in a different orientation for easier printing and I would like to ask a favor if you can also provide me separate STLs of each hand so I can re-orient its printing. Thanks again for your help :-)

H Riobot

Yes I can do that. you can print them upright for less support material but the T-latch will be weaker and we have experience this part breaking off. All we did was used superglue to reattach. The T-latch part is at the sleeve end of hand that go through a rectangle slot in arm and turn 90 degrees to lock into place.

Hi Trish, ok i understand. Printing it upright will make the T-latch weaker because of the weak adhesion between layers. Ok I will print it as specified in the STL. Thanks.


Looking good Cool Trish!!!

Thanks jollyGreenGiant, the kids in my Coderdojo really had fun working out the solutions and developing Otto with arms further.

Hi Trish I noticed that your Otto have some sort of glasses or goggles surrounding the eyes. Can you please also include the STLs for these as well? Thanks and very nice job on the design of Otto with arms. I have already built Otto++ with LED matrix and controlled via bluetooth. I would like to add this version of your Otto in my collection. Thanks again.

Hi Riobot
As jollyGreenGiant mention and has a link , these are called GoBroRobo v1.0 Eye Accessory under Things File.
Did you use a Lipo Battery to power Otto++ with LED matrix etc?

I created the glasses for the GoBroRobo remix of the Otto, they're available to download on that page: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2222780


Ok got it Jonathan thanks a bunch. Hi Trish I will post here once I have made one. Cool project!

Looks amazing Trish! I will 3d print it tomorrow and will try to get it all together! Ive been struggling with all the previous versions and codes and compilation errors. This one works 100%?

Do you also have a video assembling it or more instructions?

Hi, looks great, im thinking of making a rounder one. I think there is a small mistake in your build image, as it has 2 times the motor 5 in it.

Hi rahendri
Schematic has been updated and left arm is servo pin 7