Ergonomic Hacksaw Handle

by mmOne Jul 7, 2018
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Fantastic tool saver! Nice one... :)

Thanks for sharing this, great addition to my toolbox.

I printed it. Took about 9 hours and came out very nice on the outside but the small slot for the hacksaw blade would only allow for 1 inch of the blade to enter the handle. The opening seems too small and I do not know what is wrong on the inside.

I would suggest you make it so it has 2 parts, split along the blade path, and then use m3 bolts to put it together. This would have several advantages: 1. the slot would be open to view and cleaning if needed, 2. the print could be flat on the bed, 3. print would be quicker 4. it would be stronger since the filament lines would be longer and not in line with the forces 5. one bolt could act as the retainer for the blade.

Making the revision with Fusion 360 should be easy.

If you use m3 bolts you do not need nuts. Just make the hole 3mm and the bolt will self tap into the plastic and be very strong. I have done this many times and it works perfectly.

Hey Jimbo70, I made this with screws for my own use and put it up as a remix.



The design goal was to make it printable as one piece, without support. Depending on the thickness of your blade the fit might be tight. Just work the blade in and out a few times to clear the slot. Heating up the blade would also work. If the fit is too loose the blade would widen the slot over time, it's a saw after all.
I will still upload a version with a wider slot as well.

The preferred way to secure the blade is a 3mm dowel pin as described, the bolt was just an alternative suggestion.