Flexible Handcuffs

by protokinetic Aug 26, 2018
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Hey! I rounded the borders since they hurt a lot to take off
Feel free to use them
Thanks for your excellent idea :3

Flexible handcuffs with smooth borders


Thanks for remixing! A few people have asked for that but I never got around to doing it so thanks for taking the initiative (another reason I didn't do it is because I was afraid there would be too little contact with the bed. How was the print? Did you need to adjust any settings or did it just work?)! I wish there was a way to do PRs like there are on GitHub but alas, maybe in a future incarnation of thingiverse.

If you don't mind me asking, how did you go about making the modification, did you use meshmixer, or reconstruct the STL? I ask because I've never had great results trying to adjust STLs without the source design.

Thanks again!
- Proto

Again, many thanks for this excellent model The print was fine, with the settings provided, and without support. Here is an image of my v1.
I analyzed your fantastic STL with 3D-tool-free and then built it from 0 with Autodesk Inventor. I preserved all the dimensions, and only added the rounded borders. I will also provide the IPT file to open further modifications.
I tested the v1 remix more, and in more intense situations, one pointy border still annoys my SO, so i uploaded a v2 with almost all borders rounded and more pronounced, including interior ones.

Good luck on making more toys :D

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Thanks for the explanation and uploading your source file! Hopefully other people will continue to build off your design and we can all benefit.

I have a couple more designs ready but they don't have pictures yet so now I'll get around to that soon :p

I'm thrilled you like the design and find it useful.

More toys coming!
- Proto

I like this thing :)
I have an idea, that this thing may have more anatomical shape, more elliptical than circular.
It may be also a good idea to include parametric sources of your design to be able to change it for particular "user".


I’m almost finished with this design and fixing all the constraints in Fusion360 so then resizing it will be much easier.

As far as making it elliptical goes, perhaps my skills in fusion aren’t quite high enough but I don’t know a way to make the circles into eclipses without completely changing the design. I think I will attempt this in the future but right now I’m focusing on getting a couple other designs out first.

it is not clear how to open the handcuffs. i cant put my hands in and there for there useles to me. could you explain how you open de cuffs you put your hands in?

The design is quite flexible so stretch the middle part out, giving enough space to put your hands in. Once a lock is placed through the center hole and secured it can no longer stretch in this way, securing the handcuffs.

I'm thinking just use a zip tie instead of a lock or bar. Completely adjustable as far as tension. I like the simple, yet functional design.

Yes, zip tie is flexible, but it is thinner and may have sharp edges, so it can damage the skin. Also due to some movement of "victim" zip ties may be self-tightened and lead to problems of blood supply.
But of course it's not a 3d-printing theme :)