Lucky Extrusion Gauge

by Kwaad2 Jul 9, 2018
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Love this design! Can you tell me what is the actual tolerance in the original design? (the clearance distance between the "arrow head" and the corresponding "negative-space arrow head"?)

The actual tolerance is zero. This is totally not relevant to "print in place" pieces. But what is relevant is that you can get it as close to "true" as possible. A few people have modified a tolerance to it, but that defeats the purpose as that would lead to over-extrusion, as in theory the slicer should be exactly the correct size.
10mm should be exactly 10mm. But your printer likely isn't calibrated perfectly, so as long as the parts fit together, that means the movement, and extrusion are calibrated properly for extrusion width. ;)

What does this mean: "when printing, align the seam on the outside somewhere, to prevent it from contacting on the inside/outside of the coupling."

When the printer starts or stops on the outside peremeter, it can leave a small 0.05mm zit. If these get on the inside of the dovetail, on both sides, and both pieces, they can account for up to 0.1mm! And it's random where they go. That makes this test useless, as you are attempting to very precisely measure your extrusion width, vs theoretical extrusion width. I can get it to within 2% after my first print, and 0.5% after the second. 0.1mm, is over 5% of the extrusion width!