MyRCCar 1/10 Typical Pickup Body

by dlb5 Jul 9, 2018
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Hello??? How do I get the rest of the parts? Thanks

You have to upload a make of the 3 main parts printed and also interact with MyRCCar things and users... you did this last part for sure :) Thanks for that

Ok, but I can't print the truck box in 1/18 scale, half of the bed disapears. The 3 main parts are too big for my 150x150 printer in the normal scale

If I were you, I would consider selling my 150x150 printer and buying something cheap but big enough like an Anet A8. About printing the bed in 1/18 scale, maybe you can try very small perimeter thickness ( I tryed with 0.4 nozzle perimeters of 0.25 without many problems, (in 0.1layer heights). In the other hand you can manipulate the part you want in meshmixer to make it thicker, look for the "make solid" option and give it the minimun thickness you want. The part will change and maybe you don't like the results. Maybe a combination of both techniques is your wining horse...

Do I really have to try printing the box into a lump of plastic before I get the rest of the parts or what???

I'm quite sure you can succeed printing the bed in 1/18. I have tryed slicing it in ultimaker cura 4 at 1/18 scale and with 0.4 line width and 0.1 horizontal expansion it can be done. You can find this same parameter in simplify3D too... don't know in Slic3r or other programs.

Please remember others had to spend about 400g and maybe 30h or more of printing to have the 3 parts at the design size, 1/10 scale. Which 1/18 rc car do you plan to use it with?

HI, I posted pictures of all 3 main body parts now. Thanks

I have only tried the CuraEngine slicer on it so far. I will try a couple more things before I just give up on trying to make this body. I build my own custom brass chassis's using axles and trans from a few different micro crawlers, RGT 24, Hobby Plus CR-24, Redcat Sumo. I also made a couple of bodies from scratch, like this M37

Thanks. I posted a make of the front and cab. I will try meshmixer, but I have not used it yet

hi :) before start to print I wanna ask a question:
-what is the whellbase, weight, height and long sizes? So I can be sure it can fit to my crewler :)

Hi there Akif!
Mostly all the info is in the summary of the thing.
The wheelbase can be 290 or 310 if you can print the extra long bed. Its around 500g
The 290wheelbase version is around 490mm long, 190mm wide and around 120mm high.

Looks good. My printer is only 150x150, so I am trying to print this in 1/18 scale now

Hi there Emile! Excuse me for the delay in my answer. I designed this to be compatible with the rest of the MyRCCar projects so it's designed to be printed in 1/10 scale. The printer needed for this project would be something with a printing volume like the anet a8, which cost about 120$, more or less the same that you would have to invest in a MyRCCar project.

Maybe in the near future i consider designing for other scales, including 1/8, 1/16, 1/24, 1/28 or 1/32... but now my efforts go in the 1/10 direction and always considering a minimum printing volume of 200x200x200.

Thank you for all your likes!

just finished. it's awesome. thx)

pls send other files

Hey Mister! GOod done :) Just say something by Private Message and I'll give you access to the rest of the files

nice job project
beginner in the field I hope to reach the end of this project
sorry for my English

any interest in sharing a ,step file?

I'm not sure how could i generate .step file but anyway, i'm not interested in sharing in public all parts for this and the tesla bodies. Is the way I have to know who is interested in this things.

Hello there,
being an avid RC man of 30 some years and now 3D Printer fanatic, I recently come across your 1/10th scale truck body. I really commend you on your design and love the looks of it. I am currently printing the truck body on my BCN3D Sigma and will post the make pictures as soon as I get the 3 main parts done. When I do finish and post the make, will you be so kind to give me the rest of the detail parts?. About me, I've been into rc and high tech hobbies all my life from rc cars, rc helis, rc tanks, rc boats, trains and now 3d printing. I'm 48 yrs of age and still a kid at heart. I have an rc10 gt, traxxas nitro hawk, traxxas jato, traxxas revo 3.3 and a losi speed t. I plan on mounting your body to one them eventually. Again great design.

Hi there John!

First of all I reply to your question... Yes I'm here and when I give access to the people to the rest of the parts I ask them to show pictures or update their makes with new photos including those parts so people like you can see I really give access to the rest of the parts.

But do you know what happens?¿? Very little of them posted nothing or said a word after they got the files. I decided to do it this way because the other way is people download and that's all, you or me will never know about them.

Resuming, if you are kind as you look like, i'll be more. Print the 3 main parts if you like, upload a make or some pictures here and say me something by PM again, that's all you need. Maybe you can do even more, who knows ;)

I hope we can see your make soon! I'm sorry for the inconveniences

Good day! I printed all the parts as you requested.

Good done Ivan! Now just write me a private message and I will give you access to get the rest of the parts :)

Hello, I printed a part of the car but I noticed missing parts. Can you send me the rest of the pieces? Many esteem and great success in what you do!

Hey Fabian! You almost have it... you have printed 2/3 of the required parts to have access to the rest of the files. Just print the bed and write me a private message.

Is hard to find the time to do these extra big parts with enough quality and the proper position. I can see you printed the bed in the "wrong" direction. It was designed to be printed in same direction than the other parts. I imagine your printer could not print it in the other direction for a few mm maybe...

I can also see some poor layer adhesion in some points which have turned into "cracks" in all your parts. If you need some help with that maybe I can help you somehow if you are very descriptive.

I hope you re-print these big parts to have a really functional body which could resist some hits. But in the other hand, if you were looking for access to the rest of the files... I think you did enough! I tell you how by PM ;)

3 days I tried to print this part, I had a problem with the printer that I solved it, I will print again and 100% loading, I hope to come out well

Ok dlb5,thanks

Good day! Please tell me where you can find the grille files and headlights?

You need to print and show here or in a make the 3 main parts. Then write me a private message and ill give you access to the rest of the files.

Comments deleted.

Hey ive started to build this body for my buddies TRAXXIS TRX4 because he love the way it looks and matches the truck he has. i was wondering where i could find the other parts for the body. im following your builds and like the work you do. i have a axial wraith or i would be building the body for myself

For your friend or for yourself you can of course print it!

I hope you have some skills in 3d modeling to create your own parts to attach the body to those cars you mention... Anyway it is never late to start with geometry and 3d modeling! Remember to review the wheelbase of your cars and see if it will match somehow the available wheelbases for the body.

Remember to take a deep look to my projects to know everything about MyRCCar, and join the group if you want :)

hey so I have to say the body is really great
So as I understand I print the parts show you the picture and then get the other STL files sorry for my English I write with translator
what i wanted to ask what kind of gear did you use at the chassi
Greetings micha

Hi Micha!

Yes you undestood correctly. You have to print the main 3 parts of the body, show them in a make or attaching photos to your comments, I preffer the first option. Then you write me a personal message and I will provide you access to the rest of the parts.

You can know everything about the chassis... it is other of my projects, the MTC Chassis. You can build it with independent suspension system or with rigid axles.

I hope you have fun with us and know about you soon!

How do I mount that MRCC_TPB_Links_Body_Front? it does not have any holes for screws and I have no idea where to put it?

The front mount has tendency to just fall off on as the screw holes are not deep enough

If the holes for the two screws of the front holder came too loose maybe you can use M4 short ones instead... probably the tpu part wont have problems with the m4 screw heads...

great, thanks, let me try these, do you need to unscrew to release the cover or is there some other mechanism?

And what kind of TPU are you using with how many infill/perimeters?

To screw the chassis rear TPU part you have to un-screw the top cover if you are using the last holes and screw it again trough the new TPU part.

I use local 40€/kg TPU in 750g spool. Of course, as more wall thickness and infill, more rigid it is. Is not as soft as ninjaflex or TPE.
I'm not totally sure now but I think I print it in 0,2mm layers with 3 or 4 0.4mm perimeters and maybe 33% infill. so 1,2 or 1,6mm wall thickness should be rigid enough but have some flexibility too. How much can you squeeze it maybe is more related to the infill...

Many people don't like soft plastics because they are hard to print in bowden machines, big ones are trending now... You know the user Botyoyo made a great work to avoid TPU to hold the pickup over the chassis. Please take a look to his work!

I have no problems on my Prusa MK3 printing ninjaflex, just have to print it slowly. Any idea what the shore hardness of that TPU is? I also have flexfill 98A but that stuff is way too hard.

Mine is TPU, i thin98A too but can't find the data. I would give a try to yours, that quite hard one. Reduce nº of perims and/or infill if you think the result is too much hard.

Start with the most little part to make your tests...

Hi again Francis! Excuse me for the mess with the info... Initially, the holding system for the pickup or the FJC over the MTC Chassis were a little more sophisticated.

I'm actually using some very simple holders, printed in TPU of course in the front and rear chassis extremes. They are the ones I call HighLift, they allow you to use the "Battery Box" over the Top Cover of the chassis.

Let me take a look to what is actually shared and I'll try to point you to the right parts. Sorry for the extra time an plastic waisted :(


Do you print the body rear part standing up without supports?


Hey Magnus

There is a note in the printing section in the summary wich says:

"NOTE: I had to add a piece in the rear thing to allow doing the rear bumper zone without supports. So the rear part is really 2 meshes, the main rear part and this part i tell you. It intersects a little with the main part so if you slice it with Simplify3D use "separate connected surfaces" so it will print the "intersection zone" correctly, otherwise it will leave a little gap between both parts."

Just before that note I say:

"I recommend you to rotate them 90º exactly to print them as i did. not other better angle if you want the layers to be in the same direction in all the body. For that, you will need to create well build supports for the Front part and also for the rear window part of the cab as you can see in the photos i uploaded."

So if you rotate the rear part 90º over "y" axis, the same than the other parts, and "separate shells" in Simplify3D or in Meshmixer you should have no big problems printing it without supports. The most of the part is a 1mm thick shell, I recommend to print it with 0.48mm perimeter thickness to avoid a lot of retractions and have a good finish :)

If you want the large bed for 310wheelbase you will probably need more than 200mm high in your printer.

Comments deleted.

Hello, while I will not talk much, but the machine will hold and not bad hold. I downloaded the video from the phone, so not much, then there will be more. The axes hold the load very well ...

With that size, i think you need a little more of speed maybe ;) There is always a harder scenario to test, let's see what comes :) Thx a lot for doing this videos!

here is a pic to show some progress. green for me, blue for my son

OMG Delfin! At last thanks to you I understood what I should have children!!! :) Just kidding somehow

I'm really impressed that it looks you really liked MyRCCar projects, but we don't know nothing about your work... I can see behind the pickups some axles printed in otherway than FDM, and they look amazing!

Please create a few posts in the proper MyRCCar subgroups and tell us about your work and those extra expensive prints you have around there ;)

But more than that, please write me a PM so I can give you access to the rest of the pickup files so you can complete those beautiful cars!

hi real pick up printing
How to get to the missing items?

I am surprised myself, the departure of the axis 188015 to the wheel hub is almost 45 mm, the steering knuckles are held. I tried another turning knuckle treated with dichloromethane a week ago to crush with pliers and could not. I realized that hardness is enough.

Hello dlb5.
Already want to finish. How to get to the missing items?

Will you make a video and upload to youtube if you make it bash as a Monster Beast?¿? I hope yes :)
You have a new PM!

Today, after work, I tested the car without a body, everything is fine, the axles hold up well, take big obstacles. There was no one to shoot. I will finish the body and even without painting I will remove the video.

guten tag

wo finde ich die ganzen detail stls ?
ist mir aufgefallen da ich gerade die factory dateien für den truck mit fahrgestell am anlegen bin.


Hi again Steffen!

Are you planning to use the pickup body with your MyRCCar OBTS chassis?¿? You know this body fits very good in the new MTC Chassis, maybe you are working with it already :S

To get all the parts please, upload some photos of the main three big parts printed and/or say me something by Private Message :)

the OBTS chassis has a friend with which he drives, of course, the pickup is on the mtc chassis which is already in the production and is printed in silver black (will put pictures of the chassis, the pickup would like complete (with the detail package) purely set where, however, the parts of the main group are missing.

the jeep construction is also made in winter when the friend has his own printer and can print the OBTS chassis himself (at the moment I had very little time and in the available one I worked on a quite large windmill for my mother)

but really great projects they put in

Hello dlb5. The print of this great car is still at this stage. Thank you for suggesting it.

Awesome!!! Your have a great printing set up. NICE!

It's a beautiful work!
Just send me a private message and I will give you access to the rest of the files :)

The silver printed parts looks sooo good. What filament did you use?

I will get so sad if you don't make it work... this projects are intended to work near the same as a bought RC Car... so please, bring it to life!

Hi dIb5, well here are a couple of pictures of where I am at with the "tpu" build and as you can see by the pictures the truck is now back in the body shop waiting for the "tpu extra parts". I wait patiently for them, thank you.

Hi dlb 5, I started to print the files but I do not have all. How do I get to them?
Greetings brandon75

Hi Brandon! Excuse me for the delay in my answer.

As you tell me in your PM, you have printed other MyRCCar Projects! Just upload a make of one of them or a photo of the rear (bed) part of the pickup

Really nice looking with the lights! Good Work Frank!

Hello dlb5, Thanks for your quick help. I'm overjoyed with the result. Now comes a little fine work. Here are a few pictures of the small but important changes of the last 24 hours.

Thank you Frank from Bochum, Germany

aháaa!!! You printed it in record time! Remember there are a few more Extra Parts for those who have printed and showed the pickup with all the details, soooo... you just have to ask for them :)

hello dlb5
a big compliment for your work. What I have created so far is your merit. It's my first big project with the 3D printer. I use Thingiverse as a think tank. I can not get past your project. I'm not an RC model driver yet. But for this project I became one. Here are some pictures of what it looks like at the moment. You may also see some extensions for my object. It's just fun to see the part grow. Help me to finish it.
1000 thanks. Frank

Hey Frank! What a crazy build you have there! Good done designing your own body holders for your car :) You need the rest of the parts if you want it to look a little more serious. Please write me by private message and I tell you how to get them

Hello my new friend, how is the weather in your country. Here it is 17 Celsius and by the day getting colder but that is Canada for you. Actually the winters are not to bad where I live from other parts of Canada. We are suppose to have a dry winter and a warm one at that but the way the weather patterns are , just have to sit back and see what we get.

For the TPU " EXTRAS" how do I get them. I really like the side step ups and the box bars. I printing like crazy all the parts for this TPU and want to continue printing all parts so I have them. I am having problems mirroring the side window rain shields and the light covers, any suggestions? What about a roll bar for the truck box with mounted lights?

I need your help since I can't figure the cad programs out to do it myself. I am printing in tpu the narrow truck tires from "Usra Bear Monster truck" cause I like them and I think they will compliment the truck. The only problem is the wheel inserts that go with them that I want to use with the tires need the axle mounting on the backs of them changed to fit your set up. Could you help this old boy out? If I had money I would pay you but any extra money I have from my disability cheque goes to filament. Got to get my printing fix as they say. Anyways I would really appreciate it if you could. Thanks from a friend from far away.

Hi againz Dave! I wrote you a big private message before you wrote this new comment... About the "TPB Extras", only those who uploaded a make of the pickup with the previous "hidden" parts printed and mounted can get them...

About Ursa Wheels... It's a 1:12 project if I'm not wrong but they could be probably compatible with 1/10 standard 12mm Wheel HEX. Anyway if I'm not wrong, you were making the pickup, not the MTC Chassis...

Finally remember there are many ways to "pay" for my free shared jobs without money, specially "liking" and "collecting", making them and sharing your makes, and sharing everything in social networks.

About printing wheels, 4 big ones, if your TPU is not extra extra cheap, you will spend mostly the same money printing them than buying them... And also they won't work as bought ones, the TPU traction is not as good as any sourced wheel rubber... And better not to talk about the time you will spend printing those 4 extra big wheels in TPU at "lower" speeds than you use to... Then imagine you did not choose the right infill... So I recommend you to buy 4 good wheels if you spect your car to behave normal. What about using molds to produce the wheels with A+B resine?¿?

Many things to talk about, let's try to keep them in the right place, lets talk about 3d printing RC in the group, about TPB here and about software or other more personal things by private message or in the group if you want...

See u Dave!

Here is a couple of pictures of the typical pick up just finished printing and cleaned. I did a 45% infill so that it would be light. The front and middle is fairly strong with 45% infill but I may need to reprint the back cause it is not as strong. I also am using the same color schemes as red ,black and grey are my favourite colors mixed together. I can't wait to finish it. I apologize for the pictures not being so great.

Hey Dave! Thanks to move your comment :)

The rear part is a 1mm thick shell, so the best way to print it is with 2x0.48mm perimeter thickness. Maybe, if you are using 0.4mm perimeter thickness, wich i also do sometimes, you are not "filling" completely the 1mm shell with your 2perims and thats why they don't stick together...
Could that be the reason?¿?

Hello, This truck turned out pretty nice. I can't wait to get it mounted and try it out. Thank you

Hey John!!! Good done! The big part is done:) Remember to write me a private message so i can tell you how to get the rest of the files...

where can I download this file, with "dlb 5" this does not seem possible ....
Thank you

hello, thank you for your answer I have already printed quite a lot and I'm really looking forward to my first project

Woww specially the finish of your cab part is amazing :) Did you read the private message I sent you?

Off to a good start :) cab is all printed too. Your files are excellent. I am going to attempt lengthening the bed or cab and posting a remix for different wheelbases.

Hi there Jacob! That looks good :) Tell me what size you need the bed, knowing the actual one is for a 290mm total wheelbase... I think i could do the 310 mm version quite quick :)

That would be excellent if you would. I will try as well just for the learning experience. I will have to measure my exact wheelbase later tonight and get back to you here, but I think 310 would be very close. I'm sure others would choose this version as well :)

Did you find it?

I imagine the wheelbase of the chassis is in 290 in the photo or less than 310... isnt it?¿?
You are fast printing :) Now is time for the fun part!!! Send me a private message and i tell you how to get the rest of the files :) I hope you upload a beautiful make when you are done!!! That will also give you access to the upcoming new parts...

I printed the 310mm length bed. It was too tall for my printer, so I had to slice it and print the tail end separately. It was not done yet for that photo, and I also did not have it lined up on the chassis very well, but it really does fit very nice.

I did! That was quick lol. I will give it a go! My printer is slow, and the heated bed stopped heating last night, but it still may work... the cab and the 290mm bed were both 24hour prints for me, but will be worth it :) May I ask what program you modeled this in?


Hi there new makers!

Thx for your interest and for joining Thingiverse to be able to place a comment here if you did it for that :) That's one of the reasons I did not share all the parts. Please read the complete summary of the thing. I know I'm little "heavy" writing but i "bolded" some phrases, and some of those bolded ones explain what can you do to get the files and why I'm doing it (the sharing) this way.

All my aproximation to the 3d printed rc car world has been from the "free", "0$" side. So I don't want a Tip in exchange for my hundreds of hours of work, i want you to get involved with MyRCCar projects (if you like them) to give me and my things more visibility so I can find a better job than I use to.

I recognice what I really would like is you to get in love with MyRCCar projects, before and after making them. The makers of OBTS chassis are now making the MTC Chassis, so I think I did something well in the end.

Start with a big 3d printing project is kind of an act of faith! I had to believe a few days ago to make my Secret Butterfly Box. Will that designer be reliable? Are things really designed to be 3d printed or just exported into STL format from another design or model "not for 3d printing"?¿? Will this designer dimension it's things with "exact" numbers or will he move the features of his/her parts by hand? Can I talk with the designer? Will he/she find time to answer me? Can I find all the necessary info before I start? Do I have all the correct parts and latest ones downloaded?¿?

English is not my first language, of course, but I also make a great effort trying to use it the best way so everyone can really understand me and i get to the most people possible. I would prefer to use Spanish but i think I would not reach as much people, anyway I'm trying to be kind and correct in all my writings and it would be a nice thing if you do the same. Someone demanded me the parts instead of asking for them... words are important.

Is a good thing I know about someone more is interested in my projects when you join thingiverse to place a comment. You can download all my projects complete for free and annonimously, (without even joining thingiverse) but this one. In the end, a void profile with a name, real or not, doesn't help me much. Views, Likes, Collects, Follows, Makes, also Comments helps us "the users" to know better each other, without real personal data needed. So please, think about introducing yourself in MyRCCar Group if you want to be one of this "real" users, spend a few time looking for thingiverse things to see if you like some, maybe make a pair of collections, join some Groups of your interest so you have their related activity in your "dashboard"...

So if you were thinking about joining thingiverse just to put a simple comment or a PM to get the "missing" parts, that won't be all you need to do. Remember to be kind and try to do some of the things i think are needed to be a "real" user.

If you use a photo in your profile and a little description, introduce yourself in the proper post in MyRCCar group and upload a make with the published parts of the pickup printed (you can also attach the photos in a comment if you preffer) y will give you access to the rest of the parts. Of course I consider many other possibilities but that combination would be a good one!

Secret Butterfly Box
by dlb5

hello mister my question I am new in print and also modellers find your model works super MyRCCar 1/10 Typical Pickup Body. what i ask is how many parts like widening radiator grill mirrors are not included in your file, how do i get the print out


Hey Jürgen!

I have just finished posting a big comment about how to get the parts, it should be above yours. Please read it to know how and why!

Thx for your interest and I hope we can see soon your make :)

hello and thank you for your detailed description, as already written I'm new here and just experimenting with the printer. because my interest in model making is natural in these matters. Unfortunately, I can as small as possible, (only with a translation program) and I'm ill due to illness in writing. It took me almost 1.5 years to understand it. Now I'm still looking for a program to draw something myself and to bring the printer. I would like to enter your round. I just mean that I'm misunderstood because I'm bad and first of all I can not show anything except what I print. I'll probably have to buy a caro dan unfortunately. Unfortunately, I can not deliver what you are writing because I can not work like that because of illness. nevertheless thank you

Hi again Jürgen! Excuse me for the delay in my answer. I understand you have problems for reading and writing. To get all parts you have to print the main three parts of the body. Ask for some help to do a photo of them and add the photo as an attachment here in a reply or upload it as a make.

If you need extra info to print the main three parts you can also write me a private message.

One more time, excuse me for writing you one month later. I started my vacation the last day you wrote me. I hope you get fun with this and count with me if you need extra help :)

Boa tarde, eu imprimi todas as partes, ficaram maravilhosas. Mas ficou faltando os detalhes para finalizar, como faço para conseguir.

Thanks for your make Marcio! Now with everything it looks so preety :)

looks great, might try and scale this down to fit my son's 1/14 scale crawler one day.

Hey Adam you bad father :P!!! Your son will sure scale up and you thinking in scaling down?¿? Sorry my humor is very relative :S In the end, i mean you could scale up your son's chassis building a MyRCCar MTC Chassis and that way you would not need to scale down this thing :)

Thanks for your words! I think you would probably be able to do it. The rear part is designed as a 1mm shell. Lets see how much is that in 1/14... its about 0.71mm. My nozzle is 0.4 but i sometimes use 0.35 even less in my slicer for the thinner parts. I have seen printing platforms consider "non printable" any feature under 1mm. The M3 holes would become around 2.15mm diameter holes. You would need 12mm length screws for that scale... So i think you could do it :)
It would be nice to know if you do it so please, upload a make if you do :)

Thx one more time!

Lol, I like the challenge and he really likes his mini losi crawler. As for the thin walls just print those pieces at 100% infill. (Saying that having not looked at the files sliced yet). I am printing the m35 body for a friend right now then maybe I'll try this. If I get it to work I'll save it as a remix on your original if you like. Won't be for a while yet though I think.

Hey :) That M35 body looks great! I Shared this "thing" with more restrictive license type, non-derivatives, so you should not publish a remix of this. It happened to me something similar when i did "robotica" BJD half size... The provided supports didn't work, i had to put my own and clean a little some parts, used 1.75 TPE filament instead of the suggested coord... i explained all that in my make because i could not share a remix of the thing... I'm sorry for this.

Anyway if you create some new pieces or adaptors to use the scaled body in a mini losi crawler you can of course share those parts as your creations, as the body holders or the like... Also if you create accesories for the scaled or not pickup you can share as your creation... I hope you understand me.

Thx for your attention Adam!

Ya no worries, why I asked if you’d like. I’ll just explain how I did it in an “I made one” if I ever get that far. I don’t think most people on here realize or understand about the restrictions and licenses on here. A local you tuber here did a segment on it not long ago. He brought up and called out how people are ripping off and claiming others designs as their own.

That could be my case too, i used free shared internet models for doing the FJ C and this body but i don't really know if, as i did a big rework of the thing, i can or i can't... so in this case, as a prevention i "hardened" the license. Now that i start to consider myself a designer somehow im starting to understand the meaning of each part of licenses, but if you add to that all terms and conditions of the sharing platforms... you can get crazy.

So, if you have the doubt, i'm not so good modeling, you can see it in the shells for the buggy or truggy... I could start making something like the FJ and pickup body from the ground, but i think for me that would be 500h instead of 50h. Please if you think im doing something wrong tell me by PM.

Looks awesome! May have to add this to the list. Now I can have a Silverado and an F-250

Hey Riley! Nice you like it :) It looks like you are a great expert in rc and 3d printing so thank you so much! Your models are great too and i'm sure you can see some of my inspiration comes from you :)

I think you have SCX10 and my Monster /Crawler chassis is also inspired on it. This body should fit in the Axial but i think you will have to design the holders!

I hope you print it and soon design some accesories or upgrades for it.

Thx for your words!

COOL!!! I gonna make one, definitely!

Hi Lee!! Nice you like it. What about 188015 for the MTC?¿? Did you print the arms and tryed?¿?

Hi dlb5! I see the arms of MTC are shorter than my OBTS's, since both fr diff of them are the same, I think 188015 doesn't fit. besides I just figure out last night I can try OBTS's type C or type B on MTC, I gonna try these first and then put a 188015 on it to see, for the rear locked typeC or typeB, maybe I need to add something for assembly. I have printed all the arms and fr diffs, and the 02024s are ready, I think I will make a big progress this weekend

I think can be some confusion about CVDs, arms and steering blocks or rearfixedChubs types.

  • Type A is for Vandal CVDs. Not the dogbones and wheelvases it has in the rear.
  • Type B is for various length HSP CVDs, those are 122015,166015 and 188015 if im not wrong
  • Type C is for the same HSP CVDs but little different, those are 102015, 106015 and 108015
  • Type D is for OpenRC Truggy Reely CVDs

There are not short arms by now for MTC chassis, so you can't use 122015 and 102015.

With the normal arms, the 71.5mm from pin to pin ones, you can use Vandal CVDs and dogbones, Reely CVDs and 166015 (with typeB frontsteeringblock and rearfixedblock) and 106015 (with TypeC)

With the new longer arms with 76.9mm from pin to pin you can now use the 188015 (with typeB) or 108015 (with typeC)

I hope this clarifies something.

i can't find the reply i told you :( but if you read the end of the summary of MTC chassis i mention you. I did them the same day you uploaded your build, a few hours later.

So there are one new lower and upper arm to be used with 188015 and 108015. I also uploaded the typeB rearfixed CHub so you could use 188015 too. I'm sorry for the problem. I can remember i reply you saying, " You have done your part so i have done mine", or something like that.

Maybe you did not read some of my replys... did you see i created special arms for 188015 and the parts you were needing?¿? They are at the end of the MTC Chassis file list. I hope it is for that, because they are the same length, 76.5mm from pin to pin than in OBTS chassis so they should work the same. Let me download the parts i tell you to see if they are the correct ones, but i'm quite sure.

Hi dlb5! I just check the MTC chassis files and find the new ones you uploaded. Thank you! I gonna try them this weekend, hoping upload another make soon :) I will find much fun when building MTC :)

It is said that some superheroes do not wear cape. I completely agree with that. Great Job. Keep on!!!

Hey Jose! Your words as always, as big as you my friend!!! If your new printer is double size than mine... YOU COULD PRINT THIS SH IT IN 1/5 SCALE!!! OK OK ya me calmo :) Now is time to let the thing "cook up" before continue creating new parts... will you be part of the stew?¿? (del guiso, tuve que buscar la palabra en grugrle)

One more time thx a lot for your good energy!!!

this is beautiful. great job.

Hey Dan! Thx for your comment :) I hope you have time and would like to do it! Remember is something functional, not another "pongo" to put in the shell.