Creality Ender 3 Rail cover

by Jody_T Jul 10, 2018
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It didn't fit my ender 3 properly. After aome messing around it fit but it twists the belt.

Great part! Mine didn't fit also on recently bought E3, so I just used like a lot of sand paper and now it fits! :)
Is it possible that you make a same style x axis rail cover?

I modified the design to fit my 2018 model. Here is the new thing:

Creality Ender 3 Rail Cover (2018)
by tbuiler

First print didn't fit. I measured gap on my printer it was about 9mm (I wish I had done that before printing lol). I had to edit your file so that "bottom" part is 9mm, new print fits perfectly.

Looks like a perfect fit

;) Look very nice & this is no 1 cover in Thingiverse :) will stay until the end ;)
Poland - GLIWICE !!!!

For those complaining about the fit, post your make showing the problem and I'll consider creating yet another version.
Obviously this is not a one size fits all all the position of the tensioner is specific to each printer.
I have already printed MANY test pieces and wasted alot of plastic so I will not be test fitting the new designs.

Doesn't fit I'm afraid :( Even after a bit of sanding. Oh well

Just printed the new version. Works great! Thanks

This file really needs some attention. It doesn't fit.

It did not fit my Ender as also some others reported. I did some cutting and filing but I ended with something barely acceptable.Not only the outer sized seemed off, but also the internal diameter seemed to be small. Creator, I'll do some testing if you decide to post a new file.

Needed some trimming with a file, after that, perfect! Thank you for the design.

I couldn't get the newer version to fit my newer ender 3, so I took a slightly ghetto approach and just used a utility knife to slice off the front 2 pieces, and I'm quite happy with the look and fit now, just FYI (see pics) thanks for making this!

i have printed both model.

none of them fits on my E3.

Model 2018

Did you manage to find a solution or another print? Or did you just skip this :-)? I would love to have it on my Ender 3- and it's from 2018...

me too, i have a brand new one, it can't fit

Yea, it seems like the new printers come with less space potentially to leave us room to tension the belt as it gets soft. I am tempted to just cut a few mm off the side that fits against the extrusion to see it I can make it fit. I think it will make the printer look a lot nicer so I want to get it working.

ok, seems like I have some modifying to do, ill make some changes, print test pieces and re upload with various sizes and a taper down section.
ill also modify the chamfers for a better match to the tensioner and rail end

Updated 2018 _08_18

Great, thanks. I'll try printing the new one tomorrow.

I just printed it with the supports and it came out great and the supports came off with minimal coaxing.
However the clearance on the piece towards the rail is to tight and as a result when I tried to push it on, the piece bound and than snapped.
I am only starting with 3D printing and currently only use items others have developed as I am not familiar with any of the CAD programs.
Could you rework the file with the longer legs being tapered down (thinner on the bottom than on top)? Starting from about the middle and ending about where the outer ring ends. Thanks

I've been having the same issue, It just doesn't seem to have enough clearance to fit on my CE3. The inner diameter is perfect its just the side that comes in contact with the extruded rail is way to tight to fit. I think it might be because of small differences in tolerances between these printers. Both my first two prints came out perfectly. first one snapped, second one I sanded down as much as I could until I thought it would clear the rail and I got it in but it seemed to be squished in place and was just to large to fit(touching the belt far more than I'm comfortable with.) Third attempt I'm going to sand further until I find the right tolerance. Looking closer at it is looks like the tensioner is going to be just offset just a bit printer to printer, so the gap is going to be different on some printers. trimming or tapering down the edge that slides in first helps a bit. but I think without the extra material on the one side might be better? It would mostly trade fit for compatibility.

*Update now like 3 weeks later after I had to tighten the belts tension I can now install this cover with no issues, the actual design is great it just had me scratching my head for awhile.

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I'm guessing this needs supports?

Is there a bottom part that covers the end of the rail or is that tape?

If you are like me and wondering how this is supposed to work, it looks like newer Ender 3s have a different y-tensioner mount. This mod doesn't work on the older models.

No tape. It just slots in. Doesn't come out easily

Any way you could take that bottom cover off and draw up a STL :-D Or maybe a sketch with some dimensions... That with your Current Mode would be incredible!!

UPDATED - better belt clearance