Betrayal at the House on the Hill: Dice Tower

by Taython Jul 10, 2018
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This is beautiful and so well designed it's easy to print without the need for support!! It looks small, but it's big enough to hold all the Betrayal dice and roll my dice for D&D too.

I also like how many of the pieces slot together so it's easy to assemble and line them up.

Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it.

I'm thinking of modding the file a little bit to add brick textures, fencing/etc. and possibly adding a tile and card holder as maybe added wings to the house, I love this idea

Does anyone know if a D20 will roll through this? I know it's not designed for it but figured it can't hurt to ask. Thanks very much in advance!

Yes, a standard D20 will roll through this no problem.

Anyone printed at a higher size %? Wondering if standard size will feel a little small.

Hi, when i try to put this up online for a quote it asks what units of measurement its to be printed with, milometers, centimeters or inchs
Whats is this designed to be printed using? my guess would me maybe inch ?

But just checking.

I am not sure exactly how to answer your question. I designed it in mm and the entire thing is about 112mm cubed. I have not ever used an online printing service so I am not familiar with that process.

On a side note, you can find this print on Etsy sold by IGL Printing.

I did complete the print on this file, only really gave me one issue on the print of the second floor, when slicing it, there was an odd error between layer 116 and layer 117. A single infill layer went across the print. That was on the Slic3r Prusa Edition, so it may very well be a software issue on this particular program. I opened up the file on blender and attempted to fix the error but it made no difference in the end. I went ahead and printed it anyway and it came out fantastic with some excess filament dumped into the print but it didn't cause any issues, although its two toned blue and copper since I ran out of my blue, lol. Fantastic print, good detail, and I put it together using a silicone adhesive and it stays together well. I will say though, the guides on the first floor in the corner to connect up to the second floor and the balcony fell off immediately after printing but honestly I was able to get it to work anyway so I'm not sure if they're really required. all in all, great print fantastic quality and I love the look and the added tea light holder in the bottom, well done!

Thanks for your post! I have not ran into this issue before, but I use Cura for slicing. At some point I plan on updating this thing with cleaner .stl files. This was my first design and there are a few issues that could use a little cleanup.

omg this is amazing <3 cant wait to 3d print this.
How on earth do people make these and is it hard to make?. I would love to try :)

Thanks for the compliment. I use Tinkercad for my designs. It's free and simple to learn. They even have tutorials to help get you started. Also, there are a lot of youtube videos that are very helpful. Just jump in there and you will pick it up in no time.

I printed the bottom floor and the smaller pieces without issue but when I go to slice the second floor it is not reading the outside walls right so I end up with a floating staircase and windows. Does anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?

When I load up the stl file it looks very much like the preview on the site except that the walls sort of clip-invisible at some angles when I rotate it. It's kind of hard to picture what I'm talking about unless it's moving but I figure someone has seen this sort of thing.

I'm sorry you are having an issue. What slicer are you using? I used Cura with no problems. If Cura will work with your printer maybe give it a try. It's free.

Cura did slice it normally. I wonder what the issue was. The other one I was using was slic3r which was recommended by the documentation that came with my printer. It seemed to slice the other pieces just fine.

In some slicers if a wall in the print is thought to be smaller than the nozzle (note I said thought to be, not actually smaller) then the slicer will ignore that wall.

No idea if that's what happened, but it might be.

Glad to hear that Cura worked for you. I have no experience with slic3r. Hope your print comes out nicely.

having an issue printing the balcony
(first part)

its not putting a surface layer between the first and second step

advise? it looks like the same issue is present in your build but it doesnt look like its supposed to be per the stl

Sorry about the late reply, I was out of town. I'm not exactly clear on the issue you are having. Could you post a picture of the issue?

So - this is getting made! Brilliant - thank you for uploading it

You are very welcome. I hope you enjoy it.

Just FYI: I found some errors on the Attic piece. My crappy slicer (I love my Dremel but the software is both closed source and hasn't been updated in years.) would lock up when trying to auto-repair it. I tried Meshmixer and it didn't quite know what to do with it either so I went in with Blender and manually deleted and merged some duplicated faces/vertices (right behind the front dormer window) and finally got it to print.
Edit: Just noticed there's a small spot on the awning that has a similar problem but it repaired no problem.

Thanks for the feedback. I have uploaded a corrected attic file.

Very nice! We just played last night. Love the flicker flame idea.

Thanks! Betrayal is the go-to game for my group. I tried searching for a thematic dice tower and came up empty. So, I decided to design one myself. I'm very happy with the way it turned out.