Impossible Nut & Bolt Puzzle

by Keepars Jul 10, 2018
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Hi, do all parts need to be printed?

You only need a top and bottom bolt and top and bottom nut. Which versions is up to you to print. I recommend the secret bolt versions.

Nice work!

I just finished printing one with the standard nuts and they fit fine, they could have even been a bit tighter. I find with nuts if you print them on a raft it eliminates any unseen elephants foot that can interfere with the fit and make them hard to screw on. Bolts generally don't need a raft as the head of the bolt doesn't need to be as accurate.

I'm modeling another one right now myself with a few changes, mine will have the text on the nuts and the cuts in the threaded part of the nuts will be out of alignment so it will be more like the original and the nuts will be a bit thicker so they get at least three full threads in contact with the bolt/s.

Thanks for the comment good stuff here. I look forward to seeing your make on this puzzle :D

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Nice design.
One suggestion, the base part of the screw is rather weak and I break it when I remove it from the bed.

If your slicer allows it, you could set the infill for the layers around the sudden diameter jump to 100%

Hmm I had a feeling that might be a problem. I have a removable flex bed on my printer so I was able to pop the part off without touching the screw. I could add a little hole on the bottom face that is in contact with the bed to allow a screwdriver or other tool to get under so you can pry the part off. I worry about people scratching there bed when doing this.

Let me know if this would be a solution for you and I can add it as an option