XBOX ONE Thumbstick Controller Extension Ver3

by Pigworthy Jul 11, 2018
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I'm not understanding something here: 3dPyroPrint already has the STLs, so by removing them you're just removing the ability to make them for people who want to make these for friends/family and forcing said people to either design our own or buy from someone who already HAS the STL. That doesnt make logical sense.

I WAS hoping to print some of these for my roommate, but not anymore I guess. Guess I'll go make Aiko's remix.

I can understand not posting any NEW designs, but removing the old designs is futile. Utterly and completely futile.

RenegadeCEO, stl files are back, if you still need them.

i've printed out the part many times and have not been able to fit it on my controller thumbstick. any solutions?

Send an image of the problem. More info need than I just can't get it to work. Willing to help if I can.

Comments deleted.

Hello. I wanted to let you know that someone is selling your design.
If you would like to report it on Etsy just scroll to the bottom of the page and click on report
If you would like to report it on eBay fill out the form from the link below and email it to vero@ebay.com

Thanks for the notice. Looking at my options.

That's messed up! They even went as far as to use your Thumbnail photo

They sure did.

Any tips for pulling out the support or any printing settings(I used PLA, 100% infill, and 2 mm nozzle.Please Help I am unable to pull out the support

I usually just use a pair of needle nose pliers to pull it out.

If it's bonded together (I've had this happen) it means the support is not cooled enough before it prints the top layer over it (there is a .2mm gap between support and part). So you can do a couple of things to correct this.

1: slow down the print speed to 1200mm/min (4 parts), allowing for more cooling time between layers.
2: and on another material I also had to go to 100% cooling on the final 2 layers of the support.
3: lower the extruder temp

If you want to print just one ore two parts at a time, you really have to slow down the print speed.

Also always remember to read the print and note sections on the thing before you print it. This info is all there to help you. Hope you get it figured out.

I like the designs and flexibility!

If it isn't sacrilegious, does anybody know the scaling factors that would let us use these on XBox 360 and/or (gasp) PS4? I know it won't be as perfect of a fit, but if it worked "well enough", that'd be great. (Worst case, I can pull some designs for those controllers and play overlay games and then post my results, but if someone just knew the scaling factors off the top of their head, it'd save a lot of repeated effort)

My other 2 piece design has bases for the 360 and the PS4. Just print the base the the cap you want and glue them together.


XBOX ONE / 360, PS4 Thumbstick Controller Extension Ver2 BASE and CAP

Very nice! Thank you. I especially like the two part design so I can try my various "rubber" filaments for the tops!

Yay finally a cheap solution for kontrolfreeks

lol, if you have a 3d printer already...........


Your welcome. Post your make when your done.