Dominion Crusader MK3 classic armour (28mm)

by SebTheis Jul 11, 2018
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anyone seen some chaos variant files around? Like spikey or gooey?

Hi Seb,
Firstly amazing models, it was a real blast printing your armor-bearer and dominus mk3 chassis (have still plenty of postprint work to do on both). I'm starting to print the armor parts and i would like to know if you plan on doing a castellan like version of the top armor part ?
Thx for all the work you put in here !

Castellan class is not really one of my favourite designs, and needs a complete new chassis and armour parts. It could happen, but not soon

When I try printing it, this comes off as just a touch too small. This isnt too big of an issue. I'm going to use it to help make scenes of crashed knights and help make more interesting scenery. All that said, has anyone talked about a good percentage size you can increase the parts by since some of your work looks like it would go amazing on actual knight models. like those alternate shoulder pads of the punch blade. Would really spice up my games if I used one of those in place for a power fist. (looks wise anyway.)

Great job SebTheis! As always :) Any chances of making carapace for Dominus class?

Nice model SebTheis. And very fun to make and build. There is any posibilty to get the two halves of the top armour fix together in one file? I want to print all the armour parts in a Anycubic Photon and the chasis in a FDM printer, but I can't stick the two halves by my self, I'm so noob. Thanks a lot if you can do it.

Thanks so much! In a few days i'll post the make with the results. Only 4 pieces left to start the assembly.

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I was able to mirror the Right shoulder pad to make the right one. but for future downloads would it be possible to have a left shoulder pad ready?

I was wondering if anyone had remixed this to have the shoulder turrets of the castellan?

Can you upgrade shoulder pads with 3-pin mounting such as you posted at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2546073

Yeah sure. They will be uploaded tomorrow. As well as other shoulder variants more 30k-ish

There is any chance you will keep you promise...

Dominion Crusader MK3 alternative shoulder pads (28mm)

Ooops sorry I forgot, and left 2 weeks in holidays. I'm taking care of it

Don't get me wrong, this whole thing is beautiful, and I'm happy to just glue it close enough. But other than the exhaust fitting through the holes I couldn't find anything to sit flush to any surface underneath. It might be worth a comment in the details as it took me a while to realize it's just not going to fit.

Talking about which part?

My bad, the tMK3_classic_Top_armour_L/R bits versus the exhaust pipes, body_back, shoulder_circles, body_side, body_front. Pretty much everything. It lined up a bit better if the pipes and back weren't in but still not well. I decided that once the shoulder armor is on, it hides most issues, so I'm moving forward. After dinner I can shoot/post some pics of it if that would help.

Yep, that looks exactly like mine. Just doesn't line up as well as most of your other pieces. Just figured it'd be worth mentioning so others don't spend a bunch of time trying to figure out why it doesn't seem to fit.

it still stands out as being to small next to my original knight...

also the profile of the sides is very different to the profile of the roof armour...

i pulled out my calipers on my removable roof Knight
the 'Roof' Panel is 65.5mm wide for the most part with the bulge at the front expanding it to 69mm
where this armour is 60.69mm
and its 104mm in length from the very rear to the front tip where this armour is 97

its the only part i have looked at so far in detail as the roof of my knight is removable ( so i can change to the magaera armour )

the side armours also are slightly off at the back where the exhausts join, but i havent looked into this in too much detail yet

When my Renegade box comes in over the following days i will have an un built Frame to take Measurements off

For the width the difference is that i haven't modelled the front and rear border width. So I have 61 mm instead of 65. OK
For the length, i think the issue is that the central front part is not coming enough above the head. Its complicated to modify this now...
Also i know the back is not 100% identical, that can be seen particularly on the side parts.

For a knight made from scratch with no physical reference of my own. I think that's "not bad"

Finally for such small differences (and there are many other differences) i probably won't modifiy the model again.

If you want to get parts compatible with a real model, I understand you point 100%, but that is not the goal of this model.

I am still very interested to get comparative measurements, and thanks for your support !

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