40mm Fan mount for reinforced prusa X carriage

by profezzorn Sep 8, 2012
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Nice - but I think we're all looking at this wrong. The fans mounted at the ends of the carriage like this limit the x-axis travel unless you fold them hard in and then all you do is cool the hot end. There is unlimited room in the y-plane so we should mount fans fore and aft instead - there is nothing to run into that way. Need to design a carriage with the fan mounts front and back - and keep it the same spacing so we can all use our existing fan shrouds :)

I just build my printer 10mm wider. Not a problem. There's nothing sacred about the printer dimensions.

The problem with going fore and aft is that some heads really need airflow up high, and you can't effectively get air there from a fore/aft fan configuration without ducting.

Also as Justin says, my fan hangs under where the extruder motor is so it doesn't actually cause any additional impediment to travel.

I've used Jonas's x-carriage on my current build and the fan mount hits the z-axis about the same time as the extruder does (the extruder is on the 22.5 degree shift holes). I'm making my new printer wider too and should get 220mmx220mm without the fans either side. I guess I also like to angle my fans down which does push them out more. There really is no end to the improvements we can make ...

40x40 Fan Holder for Reinforced Prusa X Carriage with Slim LM8UU Holder

 Yep, but yours point the wrong way (IMHO)

I agree. I just take it one step at a time.

Before this I had the fan strapped on with zip-ties, which didn't let me point it in the proper direction. A new X carriage is an improvement for another day.

This should do the trick - your fan should still fit with any luck


X-carriage with fore & aft fan mounts
by Wired1

He has a similar setup to my own. The extruder motor is already hanging out on that side, so it does not affect the travel at all to hang a fan under it.