Customizable Filament Gland v2

by Commod0re Jul 11, 2018
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How to make a simple part excessively and unnecessarily complex !

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This is a disgusting name for an otherwise beautiful design! The picture with it "secreting" filament especially.

I got the name from cable glands

Wow, that's the name all right! It makes perfect sense, it's very descriptive, but still gross. Ignore the haters man, this is a great model. "Overly complex" means "I'm jealous of your modeling skills"!

Thanks! I agree it does sound pretty gross, I just haven't been able to think of anything better. I'll change the name if anyone has any better ideas

You should have used the form too, not just the name ! Anyway, it has already been done.

Look, dude, I didn't ask for your nonconstructive input. You're just being a dick. Please leave me alone.

I am "constructive" in the sense I suggest to get inspiration from these "glands" ! Although it is such a basic idea that it has already been done here.
My advice is not for you, in fact is is useless but for others so they don't waste their time ! So much useless junk published here, one has to help "customers" isn't ?
Such a "desing" from an "engineer" deserves a kick in the a... and the pinlk slip !

I disagree, this is by far the most robust design I have seen for this application! It would last a very long time I'm sure.

Then make it even stronger by making it as a flange with EIGHT bolts ! Gee, kid you don't have the slightest idea how things are designed by REAL engineer !

I think four is plenty! Three would distribute stress unevenly! I'm glad we agree on four!

Anyone who knows me well knows I prefer overbuilt designs. Even if it is overcomplicated, it also works quite well. You don't have to like it or print it yourself, but if you don't have anything respectful to say, please consider putting that time to better use, like working on your own designs, or learning how to talk to people without making them instantly hate you.

You are not constructive. You come here slinging insults out of nowhere, completely unprovoked. I made this for me, not for you. I don't care if you don't like it. Now seriously, leave me alone.

I was FACTUAL ! You answered by insulting me ! Reread the posts. Doing so you proved you were a genuine idiot.

You have provided precisely zero "facts". You are simply screaming your unsolicited opinions at a total stranger across the internet, as though yours are the only correct ones, but here's news for you: your way isn't the only right one, and nothing you have said has convinced me that my design is somehow "wrong". It works great, it's incredibly easy and quick to print, it's secure, it's easy to align, and it won't wear out over time like the flexible hose holder you linked. If you like those other designs better, great! Go print those ones, I don't care. It doesn't hurt my feelings one bit that you don't like my thing, or that you think I'm an idiot, because you don't know me at all, and you clearly don't know as much as you think you do.

I'm not going to respond to you again, if you really want to internet argue that badly, find someone else to do it with.

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