Brunel Hand 2.0

by openbionics Jul 12, 2018
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I made two of these hands and figured out a way to do the injection molding bits. Figured I should share because there aren't any official instructions.

Is it possible to get these files as solidworks part files? I'm trying to change several features (Thumb orientation and palm, etc.) and am having to build parts from scratch, as the .STL files are not edit-friendly beyond basic minor mods.

Yes. I sent yesterday June 17. My email is a.kiani00@gmail.com. I now send it again.

Dear Friends

Is there any body printed the hand? the finger tips should be moulded by urethane and attach to the fingers by adhesive? or it should be moulded directly to the printed finger? Do you used the introduced urethane composite suggested in the website here?

Hi, i've redesigned the fingers to avoid moulding. Check my comment below !

Thanks, I read it but how could I have the files? I even sent an email to the mentioned email but did not receive any respond.

Hi, i didn't get your mail. Did you used this address: rch.quebec@gmail.com ?

For those who are interested, i fully redesign the Brunel Hand to use RC servos (serious servos ...not cheap), Arduino, gyro, sensors, ... The performances are so far better.

I developed the full prothetic arm with magnetic wrist and sensor, it will be open-source but you could have files and whole instruction bye contacting me at rch.quebec@gmail.com. A website will coming soon.

My instagram : https://www.instagram.com/turingbionichand/?hl=fr-ca
My youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRXOiF03bNHtlF6CxwyjyiQ

Hi, i have dropped an email to you a couple of days ago, did you get it?

Hi, I’m making one of these and need to know the length and stiffness of the conical springs the instructions ask for. Can you share?

Actually, we are looking for the specs on the extension springs. A part number or link to where we can source them would be ideal.

Comments deleted.

Hi, can you tell me how many mm of filament is used in the printing?

Hi there ! Awesome job, i'm doing it but seems to have something strange with palm mould (RH / LF)? The top cover is right ? Because it made a big block without internal palm shape to fit on.

Keep going guys !!

EDIT: Ok i just understood we have to use the hand's palm with mould to directly cast the urethane on it. But is there a way to have the inner plam (and finger) stl file to print the part with TPU instead of cast it ?


Apologies for the late response, the hand hasn't been designed to print the finger pads in TPU. You could have a go at extracting the surfaces from the moulds and modifying them to be printed in TPU and glued onto the palm, finger and thumb. A good software to use for this is Blender.

Something to keep in mind is that TPU won't be as grippy as the urethane recommended, this will hinder the functionality of the hand.

Best of luck!

Hi, thanks for the reply, i've fully extract alls surfaces and printed them. The TPU is not really grippy sure but with a little silicon skin on it perfectly do the job !

Thank !

@rchquebec I also would like to see the TPU designs if you could share them.

That's really cool, I wanted to extract those parts as well. Would you share your stl files?

Do you guys have a timeline on the mold instructions? Also the finder molds are too big for my printer. Any chance you could make smaller versions? Thanks!!

Hello! We can't currently provide a timeline on mould instructions, hopefully it won't be too long, any updates will be posted on this page! In terms of mould size, this can't be adjusted. May I suggest printing the moulds in two halves and joining with an appropriate glue. Hope this helps.

Thanks guys! This helps a ton, I've just finished construction of the Brunel hand so I'm gonna go ahead and try to cast the grips. The had works pretty well all things considered, just need to do some fine tuning (ie, tightening the cords, adding myo control, ECT...) Thanks for posting the design and for the responses, can't wait to have it finished!

No problem at all, we look forward to seeing the end result. Best of luck with the casting!