Boxer engine Volkswagen style

by maiersbus Jul 13, 2018
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Also a VW Beetle junkie, awesome looking motor!

This is just amazing, my favorite model so far in 2018. Well done!

As a fellow VW addict, I wholeheartedly approve of your subject, and it's an impressively well done project! Now you need to add a few minor oil leaks, for realism.

Wow this is insane. So you're telling me the camshaft actually pushes the valves?

Yes it does. I forgott to write that I put small springs under the valves and inside the push rod covers I inserted 1mm steel rods. It works pretty well and I made also a stand with a motor inside that turns the crank from behind.

I've been looking for something like this to help me model a cowl for my full size Zenith 701! Do you know what scale it is? Thanks for the awesome detail!

Nice plane but isn´t it a Little bit short on the rear? I´m sorry but I did not use a specific scale when I designed this engine. I just used my memories of my Volkswagen engines.

How much time it will take for Printing?

Hello Patelmontu
Printing time for this engine depends on the type of machine you will use. I made this engine on a laser sintering machine which is totally different to our "hot glue guns". It is optimized for this kind of machines but maybe if you use a support material that can be removed after the print like HIPS it could be possible to print it on a FDM printer. At the moment I am working on a redesign of my rotary engine to optimize it for this kind of machine.


Hello sir,

Thanks for the brief explanation,
But I would like make it using FMD printer, because I have only FMD printer,
I have knowledge about the Autodesk Inventor for 3D CAD designing so if you provide me a CAD file of rotary engine, I'm also do the redesigning of your rotary engine, And I am not sure but Yes i would like to try to do.