Compact Universal Tabletop Filament Spool Holder

by Xtrudor Jul 13, 2018
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I'm a bit confused - do I print 2 with the legs and 2 without? Or do I print 4 all the same? I see the white one doesn't have the legs.

The two models are interchangeable. Can be any combination.

Thanks! I like the bearings, they printed very nicely. Need to take pictures and post. I'm printing one of each of the sides now for test fits.

Hi, I'm using them for a couple of month's know, with my Anycubic I3 printer, and it works very well, I love the design.
But since a while the two elements are dissociating from each other very often, what makes the spool come off.
I made a little base plate to solve the problem, know it works really great.

I like your addition, can you post the tray?
Thank you very much.


You'll find it in the remix section


Sweet - didn't think to look there. I'm really new to all this, just started Jan 31st.

Nice! You can also insert something in the middle of the shafts to make them fit tighter.

Using an Anycubic i3 Mega and 0.2mm layer thickness, the things were quite hard to assemble properly (I needed a lot of force to get the bearings on and even more force to stick the 2 parts together) but apart from that it works well.. I may have used the wrong settings, since I am quite new to this.

The result works pretty well though. Thank you very much :)

Thanks for your feedback.

Found a flaw in the design I think. The fins that guide the spool, on the top of the finished unit, are a bit too long. With a new spool they're sitting in the filament. making it not roll smoothly.
Love the design, but could you make a version thats not as tall there? Thanks

I have updated the files. The new model has lower guides. Thanks for your feedback.

i know there are differences between the 1kg spool and the smaller ones but can you connect the both holders on both ends?
if you are setting one of the two holders a bit off ,the spool will come off eventually

Sorry but I am not sure I understand what you meant. Yes you can connect both holders on both ends. Did your spool come off?

Sorry for being so complicated and thanks for the quick response. To hold a pool it is neccassery to print four parts, am i right?
You can combine that four parts to two holders. And i wanted to connect the two holders together so they dont run apart from each other

Ok. Yes you need to print 4 parts. Yes you then combine the 4 parts into 2 holders. No you can't connect the 2 holders together but you don't need to. They should not run apart.