Lando Calrissian's Custom SE-14 Blaster (from Solo: A Star Wars Movie).

by mrfochs Jul 14, 2018
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Would anyone happen to have a recommendation for printing the outer sleeve? I am using cura 4.1 and can not seem to figure out a good print configuration for printing this part that results anything near decent.

Thanks in advance


The outer sleeve is the hardest of the pieces to print. The way I did it was to print vertically with support for the large opening. The real secret to getting the item to print is to put your slicer settings to:

  • one outer perimeter
  • infill to roughly 95%
  • extrusion multiplier to slightly over extrude
  • print SLOW
  • use a wide brim to prevent wobble and promote bed adhesion
  • print about 5 degrees hotter than normal to ensure good adhesion between layers

The end result is a strong print despite the thin walls. Then slide the sleeve over the inner barrel for strength while you sand the outside smooth.

Note, as mentioned in my write up, the four barrel sleeves are all designed with 0 tolerance and the outside of each of the three inner sleeves will need to be sanded to easily slide within the subsequent sleeve. Don't try to force it (especially the outer sleeve) as you risk breaking the very thin walls.

Thank you very much for the design and the files - this will be so good. Nice job on the model, cudos.

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Awesome files! Will you be adding the silencer type attachment seen in some photos?

Yes. I have a mock-up of the silencer already but the only source content I can find is the action figure and one photo where the front of the silencer is lost to a muzzle flash. I am hoping to get a more accurate look at the full shape once the movie is released and I can do some screen grabs.

As a heads up, I have given up hope of ever getting a clean image of the silencer. There is nothing of use in the movie as the only two scenes where the silencer is on the blaster, Glover is moving (i.e., blurred), or shooting (i.e., muzzle flash obscures front details). I have not seen any displays of the costumes that includes the silencer piece so I have given up hope at this point. Sorry.