Ender 3 Extruder Gear - Imperial edition

by venegade Jul 15, 2018
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printed it on ender 3 without scaling... but doesnt fit. Seems the hole is little too tight. Will try printing couple percent larger and try

Hmm on a glass bed the small details on the first layer get knocked off rather easily did you happen to print this on a raft?

Fit my ender 3 perfectly. Very handy.

FYI just got an ender 3 pro 5/feb/2019 and this part did not fit. I had to place a shim in it so it wasn't loose and come right off with zero effort. I will try reprinting it 1% or 2% smaller and see if it helps. Nice part tho, really like it.

I printed it 1% smaller and it worked.

Good design, thank you for your effort and share this.

Sorry for the late reply, but this 3d print should just fit right on your extruder post from the stepper motor, on top of the gear. It is hard to tell from the pictures, but most stepper motors are half moon shaped like the gear and should have no problem just popping on.

Nice part. But doesn't fit on my Ender 3 (it turns on itself but doesn't make the extruder turning). Is there a nut somewhere ton interlock the gear with the axe?

Sorry for the late reply, but sounds like your print might be too big. Maybe try printing it a bit smaller like by a couple percent and see if that helps?

Hi there! New to 3D printing but going well so far... I have an Ender 3... what does this part do? Thanks

Sorry for the late reply, but this gear is really just a cool visualizer to help see your extruder gear turn during printing. So print one out and watch it move!

Came out a little too small with no changes in Ender 3 settings and Cura 3.5.1 Ender 3 standard profile. Had to widen the hole with a knife to get it on.


Used this and love it!

Only found a little problem though: i have a small knob on top of my Z rod, which collides with this one when printing higher than 230mm, making an unhealthy scraping noise. Gotta remove that Z knob when printing at max height. Other than that, perfect for manually extruding or retracting filament!

Woops yeah probably wouldn't work for max heights prints but I haven't made anything tall in awhile. Glad it works and you like it!

This is amazing. Thanks for sharing this

No problem! Glad you like it

you sir! made my day!

thank you sir, you made mine!

Thanks man, and thanks for the original!