Succulent Planter 11

by cgpena Jul 15, 2018
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I downloaded the files and it doesn't have the P6. Do you think you're going to get that one uploaded?

would you be ok with me selling these with succulents at my local floral shop? thanks

I agree with Gu5xGus - really difficult to get off the bed. I have an Ender 3 with fiberglass (coated) removable layer - and even taking that off and flexing it won't detatch the print. Can you modify the first layer in some way to reduce the contact area. Have tried 2 designs so far P11 and P17 - same problem with both. Print of P17 just took the roughened surface off the bed surface!

i can't get p11 to work for me, printed it 2 times now and this time used a scraper under it to pry off and the top and bottom disconnected where water drains, gonna print for 4th time on glass bed hoping for the best. wish p11 had maybe some thicker support joints around it instead of all water draining slots... Beautiful prints you have but i can't get that one to come off without coming apart.

I do regret adding so many draining holes just because it can fuck things up if you don't have the right retraction settings. You may have too much retraction leading to not enough plastic in that area. Im no expert but I find that every printer and even every filament works with slightly diff settings. Even the temperature and conditions in your room probably affect the settings you need. I have never had this issue you have of the bottom sticking so strongly that it comes apart (even with a scraper?). I would suggest you let the print cool down fully before removing it, sometimes the prints come off by themselves once cooled. If you had a removable/flexible bed that would help probably, but again, I dont think your first layer should stick that much, unless maybe you are using glue (but I have used glue with no issues). I think the problem here is mostly weakness in the slots due to printer settings.

Printed P11 wasnt paying attention to the bottom design and ended up just pulling the pot oand bottom apart when taking off the bed

would love P4 and P3. Any chance you will get those up?

Where's P4, 6, 7, 9? I 'm lookin' to print P6!

I dont think I ever uploaded p4, but 6,7,9 are on there

Succulent Planter 11
by cgpena

where are the other models?

on my profile maybe, if not there then I never uploaded them

I wasn't able to print P11 with wood PLA - tried 5 or 6 times with slightly tweaked settings, even turned retraction off for the last try. Still got a clog every time it got to the drainage holes. I'm using a 5mm nozzle, and am thinking I might get a 6mm nozzle and try again with that. Worked great with regular PLA though!

Surely you mean .5mm not 5mm. :)

Haha, you are right! Thank you for the correction, I still mix that up now and then :)

Thank you, it's a really nice design !
I did a timelapse of the print with my Ender 3 and a Pi cam (sorry for the low quality) https://youtu.be/O8wpjuEQvYA

Awesome, thanks for the video, I will add a link to it on the thing.

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I printed the p11 but when i used my tools to get it off the build olate all the tiny pillars beneath snapped off...

Magnetic build plate time! Never go back.

are you printing on glass? stick the glass in the freezer and the print pops right off

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Is there a saucer file for this? That way if water leaks out it will not pool all over my counter.

EDIT: Nevermind, I just saw the picture detailing the lipped area and evaporation tray. Perfect!

As a gearhead, all I can see are tires.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Hi, I only get P2, P3, and P11 in the download. How do I get P6, P7 and P9?

They are in my profile under designs (https://www.thingiverse.com/cgpena/designs)
Sorry about the confusion, I should have just put them all in a single place.

Thanks man! I'll post my makes when I print them. Awesome designs!

thank you for your creations

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When I load this up into Cura 15.04.6, I noticed that it wants to print on its side rather than flat on the base. Is this the recommended print method? I'm using an MP Select Mini v2 and I tried printing this last night when it was flat, but it only got as far as the base and vent-holes before it stopped.

It could be an issue with my settings, to be honest. I'm still new at printing. But I did want to find out if we're supposed to print it on its side!

Edit: Found out why it stopped printing. My extruder got clogged. Not exactly the best start for a 3 day old printer.

Sorry about that, yes print it upside up the way you would use it. When I made this I didnt know how to orient things in Fusion360, but I fixed that, its just that it doesnt apply to existing models, new models I make will be oriented correctly and when I have a chance I will update this one.

As far as the clogging, thats very common with certain retraction settings and those drain holes cause a lot of retraction. Try to adjust your retraction settings to avoid clogging, maybe retract less, or retract slower, or maybe even increasing the temperature could help with this. But Im also relatively novice and even then Im not sure which settings are the correct settings for your specific setup. This is one of the things I dont like about printing, there are way too many variables and I have spend countless hours adjusting settings to improve speed or quality or even just to get a new type of filament to work.

Gotcha! Thank you for the reply! It did seem to clog up and stop working at the drain holes, so that would make sense. I'm getting an RMA on this printer for several reasons, so I look forward to trying this on the new one!

But you're right. Every printer takes tons of calibrations and tweaking to get it to print smoothly and perfectly.

Have you scaled these up at all to make a large pot? I like the design and was thinking of making one around a foot or bigger.

I havent tried it, my printer can only do like 200x200mm. But would love to see someone try it, let me see some pics if you do!

It would be great if you could take out the watermark at the bottom :) I want a flat bottom.
I did it to one of them but not the other bigger file I printed.

I agree, flat bottom is better, I regret putting it there. I will upload a new version later without it.

Great. Yeah I did the same thing at first. Labeling some of my items. then stopped haha

Thanks for sharing your work

I hate to ask, but what filament did you use for P11? I really like it, and want to print this out in it.

Thanks for uploading these designs!

I used a wood-infused PLA from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01092XXD4/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1

But I painted it with black wood stain, the natural color of it was what you see on the pic for P9 and the others. I think if you use any wood-colored PLA and painted it with a stainer you'd get a similar result.

Can you give the Fusion 360 file ? I would really like to understand how to design this.

Great designs!
Watermark is annoying, but will still use.

Printed in vase mode? Whats the base thickness that you recommend if so?

I only recently found out about vase mode, thats how rookie I am. I have not printed in that mode yet. I dont think it would work, doesnt that need a continuous line? this has slits...

Awsome design! Thanks for sharing :) Is the stl correct and should I really print it with a 90° offset? Do I need support or could this be printed without ? Some more information also regarding to layer height etc would be awesome since you successfully printed them :)

Sorry about the 90° angle, I haven't been able to line up Fusion360 with Cura yet. You should print it flat the way you'd use it. It prints without support. I printed it at 0.1mm height using wood infused PLA

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In Fusion 360, click your name at top right, then Preferences, then under General set "Default modelling orientation" to "Z up". That will align the modelling workspace for new designs with the X-Y plane horizontal and the Z axis vertical, which is the default in the CAM world, including slicers and 3D printers.

Thanks, I made that change in my settings.

The planters look great! Is there a way to get the files for the other planters? Or just P11?

Thanks. The rest should be in my profile...

Hey, I love your designs! But P3 and P4 are still missing!

I didnt think anyone would want those. They are the first attempts so they lack some of the features of the later ones. But I'll put them up as well if you want them.

The uploaded file for P3 seems to be broken - the text says "object" and some of the letters create holes in the bottom.

Looks fine to me, thats the one I used to print the P3 in the picture. I also downloaded it from here to make sure and I am able to slice it just fine in Cura.

Are you 100% sure that the p3 file uploaded to Thingiverse and the final version stored on your local computer are the same file? Here is what it looks like to me in Cura, Simplify3d, and also Slic3r:


It doesn't strictly matter to me at this point - I have edited your file and filled in the holes, but I'm just letting you know in case someone else has the same issue.

Also, while I have your attention, I wanted to let you know that I love your designs. Thank you for uploading them.

Thank you!

The image you posted looks fine to me, that's what it looks like. I know its not standing upright, I just recently fixed that setting in Fusion360 but I figured people would just rotate. As for the word with some letters being holes, that was part of the design. Seems silly in retrospect but that was one of the first attempts, I was trying to see if I could drain the excess water through those holes.

I completely missed the fact that you had inquired about the hole letters. For some reason I thought you meant there were slicing issues.