Aldi 20v Xfinity Battery to Makita 18V tools

by munecito Jul 16, 2018
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Thanks munecito,

Printed this adapter body (0.2 layer height and with support everywhere) and got a good clean shell. Before I re-invent the connectors and wiring , does anyone have any advice about how they tackled this aspect of the project?

I notice there is currently a UK eBay seller offering a similar 3D printed object (without connectors or wiring).

Xfinity 4.0 AH batteries are just $AU30 in my area atm.

Hey Mistrem.

To make the connectors you could get the cheapest power board from Bunnings and cannibalise it to get the clamp type connectors for the Makita side and for the Aldi side just use blade type terminals.

Check what others have done for the connectors.



Here is how the powerboards look inside. Easy to figure a way:


Aldi Xfinity and Ryobi (south africa) battery connector
by Stoney
Makita to Festool Battery adapter 18V BP 18LI 5,2 to Makita 18v
by royag

This has been on my mind for a couple of years. Agree, seem to be able to get 4AH 20V Lithium Xfinity batteries around the $40 mark when on sale. I have one that has been very reliable powering an angle grinder, impact drill and Circular Saw. With simple adptors like this we could power many other tool brands.

It works a treat

DO you have the SCAD file or CAD file? I wish to remix this for a Bauer drill to a Molex connector. Thank you!

sorry I only have stl and obj files. I mixed mine in Meshmixer.

Maybe check with Stoney. He was who originally created that part of my mixed model:


Aldi Xfinity and Ryobi (south africa) battery connector
by Stoney