Battle Kitten Ayumi

by AminimalStudio Sep 9, 2012
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aaaaaaaawww !! this amount of cuteness should be ilegal :'-)
so damn cute


good idea ,and you have a cute kitty, do you think this will fit on my Yorky?

Well done. This'll look amazing on our cat for about a minute. A great tribute to Ravage.

I don't really understand the background to this thing, but your Abyssinian is damned pretty.

I love your concept. My cats would freak out but you've inspired me to invent a dog costume. My dog loves costumes!

i printed one of these out... but dont really understand how its assembled... There seems to be extra screw holes, and I dont understand how these clips are secured...

We have to have our cats on a leash DONT_KNOW

How can you do this? why break the wil of a animal you like?
cats should never be put on a leash..
Your cat is much more vulnerable to predators and choking when on a leash.

my cat would hate me for months if i put something on her.
tested with fleastopband.

adding a leash i would come out the same as when u chain a Velociraptor to yourself.. XD

A cat might choke if you tried to walk it with a leash attached to a collar, but a cat harness is perfectly fine and safe. Some cats really enjoy going for a walk with their owners - Abyssinians and other Oriental breeds adapt to harness training very well.

Of course, you should never force an animal to do anything it doesn't want to, but the little cat modelling this design isn't distressed , in fact if she is like any other Abyssinian I've known, she'll be reveling in the extra attention:-)

Lovely cat!

I'm surprised that you managed to attach something to him and that he allowed it to stay on. My cat would just go wild at it.

She really liked it!

my cats would shoot lasers from their eyes if I tried to attach that!

I actually made some hats for my cats .
They wouldn't stay on long enough for a photo.

Top hat and monicle were very nice!
The fez and bow tie were really cool!


Anybody remember Samurai Pizza Cats?

I for one welcome our new kitten overloards

Battle kittens, HOOOO!