Bed Leveling Tool

by urkansan Jul 16, 2018
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Very cool tool!!!! Off to print one!! Thanks for sharing!!!

nice its basically a simple cheap version of the Mitutoyo test indicator i bought for $100 for a cnc job.

You just paste link of the video anywere in the text. In my case from published video on youtube.


Hello, I have a question which has nothing to do with your device: How did you integrate the video in the photos of your Thing ?

I was only able to test adapter on some piece of 2020 profile that I have at home. At the end of the second video you can see how adapter is used.

I also posted adapter as seperate object.... maybe you will find there more info how to use, attach and detach it...(https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3007018).

Files with "test" in it are only ment to be printed as test if thing fits without printing whole object... no other practial use...
Hope it works for you.....I don't have chance to try it...

Bed Leveling Tool

I´d like to use it in a Tevo Tornado 2020 profile. What are the exact files I´d download?

A je treba kej v olju to namočit?

Device is made of few sliding parts. One is Main slider and the other is fixed slider. Main slider can be adjust with screw as is shown in video.

Movement of fixed slider is presented on mirror wing like scale. Ratio between actual movement and shown movement on wings scale is somewere in about 1 to 5 ratio. Space between scale point (arrows) on wings presents 1mm.... Other dimensions can be seen on photos....

I hope I answered your question...

Very interesting device. Tell me please to what extent the scale works and with what accuracy?

it'd be cool if there was one for V-Slot and T-Slot rail designed frames ... all in all though very cool design. Props.

Sorry but only possess printer which use 8mm rods for extruder to ride on.

Tool snaps on rod. So you have to detache it from rod if you want to move it left or right side. It is not ment to be sliding on it (probably you could do it but extruder would be in the way anyway).

Yesterday I added adapter for 2020 aluminium frame rail. I can not taste it if its fits good since I don't have such printer. If by V-Slot or T-slot you mean that kind of frame you can try it and give us a feedback:)

Tnx for your thoughts:)

This is awesome great job!

Tnx:) nice to hear it:)

amazing design! I can tell this is going to be popular

Ditto, if it works as well as the video alludes. This is going to be a hit! Great thinking there dude!

Tnx for feedback:)