Tevo Little Monster - Effector PTFE & Cable Strain Relief MK2

by Redemptioner Jul 17, 2018
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I kept having the E3D bowden connector chew through the PTFE and release it on me, so I just printed and installed this add on. Here's hoping that problem goes away!

Yes this will resolve the issue for you (main reason for the deign).

Just make sure you insert the securing clip on the pneumatic couple on the bottom (directly on effector) and make sure PTFE Tube is pushed all the way down, then add clip to top pneumatic coupling and push down firm again.

You really do amazing work!!! could I bother you for a wiring diagram for the bread board? and are you using thermostat wire for your electronic runs?

sorry forgot to upload, please see PDF

No problem, work's been keeping me busy as of late. Hope you and yours had a good holiday season!!!

Same to you champion

Hey Champ,

Will try tonight for a quick wiring diagram for you.

No need for thermostat wires for the runs, the temp sensor is not sensitive enough for this to have an impact and the cable I used was well oversize for the job (20AWG). The signal and power lines for the IR sensors are shielded independently to the other lines which are also shielded, the motor wires are again shielded separate to the others 2 sets of wires. After going through multiple sets of different aircraft grade shielded cable ($35/m), all of them started breaking internally after a few months of continuous use, I made the umbilical cable up from multistrand aluminium silicon cable I use for RC stuff (from hobbyking) and some high quality copper shielding and have never looked back. I terminated the cable with a plug to make life easy to change out the effector, just undo 8 bolts and pull the one cable off and good to go, the little board also helps allow you to change out a hotend (I do this for quick nozzle changes) or replace a heater/temp sensor/fan without having to do a bunch of soldering or have a bunch of ugly cables & connectors hanging off the side.

give me a poke in a week or so if I forget :)

I would also like to see more information on your wiring for this great solution. It would also be nice to have a BOM showing what components are used (connectors, fasteners, etc.).

just uploaded wire and parts list

I will see how I go mate, I have a lot of trays of connectors in different sizes & shapes and they are not labelled :(