Tevo Little Monster - Volacon Fan Duct with DC42 IR Sensor Mount - MK2

by Redemptioner Jul 17, 2018
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Looks cool. I'm still working on reducing overall weight of the flying head (based on some previous conversations with you). If I get un-lazy enough, I was thinking of mounting fans/blowers on the extruder, centered between the carriages, and using a sewn fabric tube to carry the air down to the hot end. I've yet to figure out how I want to make the ducting at the hot end, but your design here offers lots of good ideas.

Cheers champion,

It has been working like a boss on the 4 printers with no issues for many months now, the Polycarb ensures no warpage from the heat over time and take a beating. Just got to remember the fans I used cool the plastic too fast at 100%, generally don't go past 80% fan speed for part cooling and only 55% on the dual heatsink fans :)

Maybe print off one of the effector STL and play around with fitment. I wasn't able to find away of getting the fans more out of the way while not increasing the size of the effector past the radius of the arms. A new effector and arms are about $30 from Tevo, so maybe even order a new one to play with.