by CaseStudyno8 Jul 18, 2018
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Awesome work man!! I've been following your quality Saber models for quite a while now, and I'm pretty stoked to see you're moving on the blasters now.

Thanks! What's the next blaster you'd like to see?

My personal fav is the E-11D DeathTrooper blaster.

Is it possible for you to change the sight housing and the end sight so it would be able to fit a real pistol sight into the housing.
It would be awesome to have a real sight on the blaster.
Many thanks.

That's an interesting idea, but I do not have any plans to make that change, I think this blaster walks a real fine line between realistic weapon and sci-fi blaster and that would take it a step too far for me.

So, I've got an odd request for you. I'm both a star wars fan and a Warframe fan (not sure if you have heard of the game or play it) but in it there is a sword with the name of Skiajati and I am not having much luck making a rendition of it. It would be amazing to see how you would make a rendition of it. Thanks

(this is DEs model sorta. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/YaaBnY)

A couple of questions as I'm putting this together.

  1. Where does the "Pin" piece go? I don't see it on the assembly sheet and I can't see an obvious place for as I dry fit the pieces.

  2. Should piece "5" have a 1/2" hole in it like the other numbered pieces do for the upper rod? My 22.5" rod as about an inch sticking through piece "4" but accompanying hole in piece "5". As it is there's nothing to align and connect pieces "4" and "5".

Thanks Brad.

Ah! The pin piece was not supposed to be uploaded, thanks for catching that. I had been playing around` with that part but it was inconsistent on the A280s between Battlefront 2, Battlefront 1 and Empire Strikes back, and I ultimately did not like the way it as looking so I removed it.

Piece 5 should have a hole in it, that must have been an error in exporting the file for Thingiverse, I have re-uploaded the part

It is! It measures in around 42 inches long I believe

Thanks for this , I have printed the sight parts from the middle and back to use on my DLT-20A blaster rifle for IG88. I have a Browning Ventent Barrel cover and Deact STG44 to complete it. Thanks again !

That's awesome! You're welcome!

Thank you for this file i have been waiting for a accurate A280C

Awesome! I'm glad there's an audience for it!