Berd Air Bender & Drilling Jigs

by Gaza07 Jul 18, 2018
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what tubing are using for the pump and the pipe. do you mind linking where you got them.

Hi zero_print

I used 5mm x 7mm Silicone Tube got mine from here https://bit.ly/2JSXom4

and I used some rc fuel tubing for the end that connects to the ali tube from here https://bit.ly/2w9m8yv

I just pushed the smaller tube into the large to join them.

Thanks for sharing this! The tube you linked is out of stock and I'm struggling to find any replacements that small. Would a metric 3mm tube work?

I dont think it will work ive never tried it, some of the remix's are for larger tubes I might update mine at some point and buy some 1/8" / 3mm tube

What size drill bit is used for this? Also, how does a berd air compare to a conventional blower fan and duct setup in terms of print quality?


The drill bit is 1mm I think berd air is better than any fan ive ever tried it really shows if you try to print to a very fine point

Thanks. I noticed after I asked the the drill size is in the picture. Doh. Pays to read.

What pump do you use? I. Looking for something fairly quiet that is controllable with good air flow.

Ive only used 12 or 24v versions of this pump I think its what most people use because it produces a lot of air
Its better to run them through an external mosfet to avoid damaging the main boards mosfet, these pumps can take a hich current when starting up, you need a mosfet that supports negative pwm if your using a duet, I'm not sure about other boards or pumps.

Any chance we could get CAD source? I'd like to change some parameters to use a 1/8" aluminum tube and fuss with the hole pattern angle.


Quick questions the aluminium tube is touching silicone sock is it transferring heat to it? the reason i am asking because mine is blowing hot/warm air and causing my parts to overheat.

Hi zero print on mine the tube does get warm from the sock but once the pump has run it cools it down the same as it does the print, I have never had it spoil a print far from it, Ive printed small characters holding very fine swords vertical and its printed them perfectly, maybe you could open the loop a little after you have made it to allow a little clearance see if that helps you, also note I didnt design the berd air system some one else did I just made the bender and jig so making them was easier.

how well do you think it would work with brass tubing?

Brass might be a bit hard for it there is a link in the description on the aluminium tube I used

Thank you for sharing! :)
Printed it and fount it wasn't for metric 3mm tubing, but 2,38mm OD diameter.
I put a 3mm drill through the front hole. It left a very thin border on top, but it worked out if I bend the tube a tad before inserting it. Ie couldn't insert it and then make the tube to run flush.
Since 3mm OD was thicker I just removed the printed roller and used the m3 cap head screw.
Works nicely once done :)
Havn't ried the drilling template yet.